Secretary Duncan Talks to Principals

Speaking before a crowded room of principals today at the National Association of Elementary and Secondary School Principals leadership conference in Washington, D.C., Secretary Duncan commended principals for their tremendous work during challenging times. He praised them for being extraordinary “CEOs” and for doing more with less. He also challenged them to join his fight in turning around schools by rewarding teachers who are doing a great job, strategically placing the best teachers in schools where the needs are the greatest, and leaving the comfort of their high performing schools and taking on persistently under-performing schools. Duncan urged principals to think about turning around the lowest performing schools with their time, talent, expertise and the best team of teachers in order to make a difference in communities that are desperately underserved. Miracles happen every day, he told them. “There are no good schools without good principals.”

ED Staff


  1. Well said, Yvonne! I had the same concern.
    I would like to see the complete text of Sec. Duncan’s speech. Is that possible?

  2. Thank you for allowing comments to this post. I posted the following last week when comments here were closed:

    In my opinion, calling principals ‘CEOs’ explains a lot. It gives away the fact that Secretary Duncan sees public schools as a business enterprise…and that he misunderstands public schools completely.

    And, for the record, there would be more good schools if we had more great principals…but many schools are great IN SPITE OF poor principals.

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