Get on the Bus

Across America, school buses are rolling out to pick up students and start a new academic year. Joining those yellow buses this year will be the blue motor coach you see here, and its route will be more than 800 miles long, spanning eight states. Not your typical ride to school.

Aboard the blue bus will be U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, headlining a Back to School tour with the theme “Courage in the Classroom: Honoring America’s Teachers.” Over the next two weeks Arne will visit schools that are facing challenges head-on—and demonstrating success. He will talk with teachers about how they are helping their students achieve and how the federal government can best support educators.

The tour kicks off in the South on Aug. 26 at iconic Central High School in Little Rock, where in 1957 nine courageous teenagers were the first African Americans to desegregate the school. Then the bus will travel on to Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The second, northeastern leg begins Aug. 30 in Albany, traveling on to Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

Click here for an accessible version of the video.

All along the way we’ll be talking with teachers and other educators about the critical work they’re doing to educate America’s young people. We’ll talk to parents and students about their goals for the new school year and beyond.

Joining Arne will be some of the Department of Education’s Teaching Ambassador Fellows, who join us from the classroom for a year to ensure that the teacher’s voice is always being heard.

You can follow the Back to School tour here on, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Look for updates from the road each day, along with photos and video from events and behind the scenes.

Massie Ritsch
Office of Communications and Outreach


  1. I am a school governor in the UK. I would be interested in the structure,role and responsibilities of school governance in the US. Here in the United Kingdom governance struggles to be recognized in the corridors of power, yet the authority invested school governing bodies ranges from budget control,establishment of policy, staffing levels, staff selection and importantly the hiring and firing of senior management. Do school boards have the same authority.

    Best Wishes to all school governors

  2. sc, a contender for the RACE TO THE TOP, ranking bottom 3rd in the nation has been neglected in the bus tour.dorchester2 school district one of the highest ranking if not the best sHould not GO UNNOTICED from the southern tour.the state is IN need of improvements in many areas especially special not leave our children on the side of the road,ROADKILL.LET’S SHINE A LIGHT THE ONES WHO DESERVE AND PICK THE ONES UP WHO HAVE FALLEN.

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