Secretary Duncan on a Well Rounded Education, Teachers, and Teacher Evaluation

On October 22, 2010, Secretary Duncan answered questions about…

  • the arts and a well rounded education
  • teachers and the need for more respect and recognition for their work
  • the academic growth of students and evaluation of teachers.

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  1. Forgive me. I am old. I was educated in a small town in GA. I was accepted where ever I wanted to go to college. We had to take civics in the 7th grade. The boys did not learn how to put condoms on a bananas. We were inventive. Bill Gates quit school. As I see your problem, you pretend all children are equal. This is the part you get wrong, they are endowded by their creator. The brightest and the best need to be pushed and the others need to learn other means of making a living. Who knows they may start companies and invent things. We have an educational mess. The states and counties and teachers know best how to take care of our children. Not you! Sorry.
    Linda Thornwell

  2. I feel strongly that the reason many kids drop out of school is because they do not have a choice about what they want to learn. Adults are telling them what they must learn and there is a natural resentment about this. Kids also know what they need to learn and they are not getting this in schools. If we let kids choose their classes in grades five through eight, they would probably have a greater interest in going to school.

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