Secretary Duncan on Early Learning, Students with Special Needs, and English Language Learners

On October 1, 2010, Secretary Arne Duncan answered questions about what ED is doing to support…

  • early learning
  • students with special needs
  • English language learners.

He also talked about the TEACH campaign and the DREAM Act.

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  1. To all yes the NCLB act of 1965 which is an old act and still have the same old ideals. Think about it, since this was an act some 50years ago and never proved to be a good one, then why are we still reauthorizing it ? Well yes my son has been a speced kid since 1st grade and is now in the 11 grade, getting yet he still continues to struggle to pass all subjects and fails the high states mandated test every year. Why have children with disabilities who are normally having LD/OHI take a test that is the same test as a child without a disability have the same criteria.
    Now to summerize the NCLB take a look at data and you’ll find more than 47% in the U.S. dropped out and a big portion of them were children that had disabilities and were medicated.

  2. I agree on the NCLB concept my child has a learning disability and nothing was ever done till I almost stood on the principals desk then they tested him in the 9th grade and place him special ed classes by this time it was too late. Over the summer of 2010 break he got in trouble he is on probation and want to return to school, now I am told to get his ged the school won’t let him return. what kind of crap is this, he deserves to be educated also.

  3. No Child Left Behind was designed totally ignoring the situation of students with learning disabilities. NCLB is junk science. It does not recognize that students develop intellectually at different rates. It has many tragic, disatrous unintended consequences. Teachers respond by inundating students with homework, hoping that they will learn enough to test well. Students are overwhelmed and shut down. I hope that No Child Left Behind is not re-authorized. My child is intelligent, but his experiences in public elementary school practically destroyed him and made him think he is stupid. NCLB was well intentioned. Senator elect Roy Blunt was courageous when he said that his original vote for NCLB was a mistake. I voted for President Obama, but if he continues pushing for a junk science NCLB re-authorization, I don’t know if I could bring myself to vote for him again.

    NCLB harms all students, but has been particularly brutal to students with learning disabilities.


    It is so obvious, that our schools have let us down by trying to educate everybody, whether this student is teachable or not.
    I propose we take another approach to this debacle by separation of the teachable from the un-teachable. After the fact, we must see where we have let the students down and recognize we have earned the failing grade of our educational system.

    I propose, we teach reading and reading comprehension thru the fourth grade with a little math. Math being Adding and Subtraction only. If we have accomplished these two properly, we will be able to determine what a Childs interests are. As anybody knows, interesting subjects are relatively easier to learn. Compared to being force fed a bunch of crap, that is lost into outer space by the time you need a job, or even to create your own business. If a person ( Child ) discovers the pleasure of communication, we need only to make sure they know where the Library is located.

    TALENT & SMART ( very teachable )
    Born with the ability to play the piano at age 5 and having brain levels that can handle the talent. We are not all born equal. We are all born naked. Each person is born with complex energies that will grow into what that person will become. These Energies are not equally distributed. The talented & smart person will have many successes, if this person has the appropriate opportunities.

    SMART ( teachable )
    Smart has to do with the ability of the brain to comprehend a situation either fast or slow. Then to make a decision of how to handle the situation.

    We must not hold back the persons that are not Smart and/or Talented, but must be able to identify the people that are gifted. By virtue of being very teachable in the fields that have captured their interests, and provide an advanced learning center for them.
    Present to your Congressman this very simple math problem.
    What is the volume in cubic inches of a pipe 17” long & 3/4” inside diameter?
    Most of them will get an “F”, yet they were all allowed to waste valuable learning time in school over a simple math problem. Ask yourself, if you can solve it.
    Thank You, Lloyd Stanley

  5. Georgia has implemented a new Math curriculum for high school students. The teachers are learning the curriculum and still try to teach to meet requirements. The students continue to receive poor grades and the school seems unresponsive to pleads for change. These students are suddenly failing a in Math and the grade will reflect on their High School Transcript. The Assistant Principle and Chairman of the Department seem to think it is out of their hands and Georgia Department Education mandated this new curriculum. In the meantime the children are being affected and the plea for help is falling on deaf ears. the math 2 curriculum consists of Trig, Geometry, Algebra and Statistics. Many math teachers specialize in Algebra and Trig, or Geometry and or Statistics.I have met and requested a different teacher, but this request was denied. Please help.
    Frustrated Parent.

  6. Yes, you are so right. We can never do enough for early childhood education. This is such a critical time in the life of a child. Most children who are prepared for learning, quickly find success in the academic setting. These early successes increase their desire to learn, and be good students.
    Thank you for all you are doing to improve the education of America’s youth.

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