1. The profession has been stained by special interest groups who have no commitment to educate all children in this nation. Other nations concentrate on educating all their children. We have deliberately under educated certain classes. Therefore, we will always have an under class.

    Thank you for putting effort in providing quality education for all American Children.

    I am a retired teacher/counselor/administrator. I would like to see a cadre of retirees to help with the training of new teachers. Of course, we could be trained too.
    I also have developed a program that was very successful entitled “networking Students for Success.”

  2. The best way to improve education is to start with the teachers who teach our students. In order to be great teachers we must be self reflective about our practice. Good teachers have passion for the students they teach. They ask questions about their instruction and study their classroom data to determine if their instructional goals are being met. Great teachers and administrators care about developing good/great students. It takes an attitude of excellence to be great, unfortunately not every teacher or administrator want to do the real work required to be great, so they settle for being ordinary.
    I am a administrator who is very passionate about the state of our children’s future.

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