Deputy Secretary Tony Miller Visits Chinese Ministry of Education

Deputy Secretary Tony Miller spent the better part of Tuesday at high-level education meetings at the Chinese Ministry of Education.  The U.S. Department of Education and the Ministry have had a long and active relationship and a one-of-its-kind education work plan allowing both countries to engage in learning from each other in a wide variety of mutually beneficial education issues.

Miller met with Education Minister Yuan Guiren, who mentioned that the U.S.-China relationship may be the most important bilateral relationship in the world.  Both Miller and Yuan agreed that they share many similar educational challenges and that there is much to learn from each other.  Miller co-chaired the Second Session of the U.S.-China High Level Consultation on Education with Vice Minister Hao Ping.

During the consultation both Miller and Hao reiterated their commitment to the bilateral work plan.  Miller noted that he was confident that these collaborative activities would strengthen education systems in both countries.  The meetings were highly successful with genuine respect and rapport exhibited between the two partners.  In fact, Hao invited Miller to return to China as soon as possible so that they could climb the Great Wall together.