Congressional Staffer Becomes Rural Teacher

Watch a video and interview with RaSheda Workman, a first-class rural science teacher.

Watch a video and interview with RaSheda Workman, a first-class rural science teacher.

In 2007, RaSheda Workman traded in a congressional staff position to become a high school science teacher at Sunshine High School in Newbern, Alabama. In 2008, she earned the Cable in the Classroom Leaders in Learning Award.

Becoming a teacher was not an easy decision. Many colleagues could not understand why she was “throwing away” such a promising future. But RaSheda had always advocated for underserved communities.

Many of her students were not interested in science and had not given much thought to life beyond high school. She quickly realized that if her students were to become the change agents she imagined them to be, she would have to allow them to teach her just as much as she had hoped to teach them.

Together, RaSheda and her students created curriculum studies that explored the effects of demographics and local health disparities on the human body. They organized the school’s first community service organization and mentoring program that teaches entrepreneurship to young men.

RaSheda’s school community is one example of systems across the nation in need of extra support. Will others become change agents to help our children succeed?

If ever asked, what will you do?

Read RaSheda’s entire blog post. Or visit to learn how you can shape the future by teaching.


  1. Teachers of this caliber are to be lauded for the tremendous sacrifice they make. I hope that the Black Belt of AL will continue to cherish the treasure it has with support and positive energy.

    People leave high-powered jobs all the time, but to do so for such noble pursuit and earn success is a blessing.

  2. Rasheda Workman is an outstanding example of someone who has chosen to put her money where her mouth is. She is being the agent for change that needs to occur and is modeling the same for her students. Hats off to you Rasheda!

  3. As a native and current resident of the Black Belt, we need more “RaSheda’s” here. My hat is off to a young lady who is using her power to transform the minds of the students and therefore helping to transform a region!

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