Duncan Focuses on Fixing NCLB for Rural Schools

Secretary Duncan teamed up with John Hill, director of the National Rural Education Association, during a call to both journalists from rural communities and education writers who cover rural schools on Wednesday, January 26. The Secretary and Hill discussed the importance of fixing the federal mandates of No Child Left Behind that do not work for rural schools and answered questions from the media about the challenges and opportunities that rural schools have.

Listen to the call. Audio icon Read the transcript.


  1. In Wise County Virginia, we have a very high achieving nationally recognized High School in St. Paul, VA, with all the modern conveniences. The school has 200 students in the 8th through 12th grade. The school will be closed and the students will be moved to an older larger high school 12 miles away on a very curvy mountainous road this fall. The consolidated high school is not a high achiever, the building is 25 years older, does not have air conditioning (classes start August 17, 2011), or modern conveniences. The St. Paul enrollment has remained constant since the day the school opened in 1976. The community is devastated and has tried to stop the consolidation. What can the residents do to keep their school?

  2. As a mother of a student in a rural area it is so important to keep our rural schools open. Right now, here in Springfield Oregon we are faced with the closures of many rural schools which are scheduled to close this school year. It will destroy our community as a whole and overload other schools which will impact how our children are taught in school due to the over crowding. Another very sad thing is that the rural schools are all outstanding in their report card while others are satifactory or below. So rather than bussing our children into the city, why not bus the children into the rural(country)schools.

  3. There needs to be more incentives for minority teacher,and also easier teaching routes for individuals who are already in teaching fields like paraprofessionals to be specific.


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