Raise Your Hand

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Future teachers have one thing in common: a drive into classrooms fueled by a passion to inspire.  Oftentimes that drive is enough to deliver you to the classroom.  However, the process of becoming a teacher includes numerous pathways and several choices that could complicate your decision.

Should you go through a traditional route or seek alternative certification?  Are you eligible for scholarships and federal incentives to support you through your training and career?  Does having your Masters help or hurt your chances of finding a position right after school?  Why should you teach in a high needs community like those in many rural and urban settings?

The assorted questions and choices require a community of support where you can find straight answers from people who have gone through the same process.  For this purpose, TEACH is unveiling its newest feature: Raise Your Hand.

Raise Your Hand, an application found on our Facebook page, is a community where those of you considering the rewards that stem from impacting the lives of children will find the support you seek.  Current and former teachers, known as TEACH Ambassadors, will be available to answer your questions and provide advice for your calling in education.

Also, we know we can’t accomplish our mission alone so we have included two other features in the application.  Please use Raise Your Hand to help share ideas and give praise for the teacher recruitment movement.  Our campaign is more powerful with your collective voices.

Entering the classroom and calling on your experiences to shape the future of hundreds or thousands of students remains an extremely personal decision.  Accessing a community of individuals who have struggled with the same choices will lend clarity to the already hazy process.  All you need to do is Raise Your Hand.


  1. I would love to become a art teacher and be able to bring creativity and imagination back to the lives of our youth, instead of them sitting infront of televisions or playing games. I’ve recieved my Bachelors in Studio Arts and even my Associates in Culinary Arts. With either one of these degrees I would love to be able to teach one or the other, however I am not sure how to go about this.

  2. I am a Substitute Teacher I would like to know if you have the opening for a Sewing Class in your Schools I have a Associate Degree in Applied Science from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, I taught sewing at Parson’s School of Design in New York I would like to teach Sewing in your Schools, please let me know if there is a need for this.
    Thank you hoping to hear from you

  3. Look at the state requirements for the state you are in. First and foremost, you will have to take the Praxis or some variation of it depending on what state you live in. All it is is a test that assures the state that you do know your content. Any program you enter, traditional or nontraditional will require that you take that test. Second you need to decide which way you want to go with it, by that I mean do you want to go back to school and get a degree in teaching (which if you have an undergraduate degree is done by either getting another undergraduate degree this time in teaching (another 4 years) or getting into a Master of Arts in Teaching program (which can take anywhere from 1-2 years)) or if you want to do something like the TAP program. Both are good options that will ultimate lead you to your certification, both programs (TAPs and a Master of Arts in Education or MAT) are meant for people who do not have an undergraduate degree in teaching. Here is a link about the TAP program http://www.tapsystem.org/ While both programs cater to people who are making career changes, a lot of the MAT programs several offer online programs or evening classes because they know you can’t not have a job or a year or two. Another advantage to the MAT program is that once you finish it, you will be able to make more money because of having a higher degree. I hope this helped you a little even if to do nothing more than inform you of some options you have! Good Luck!

  4. I Would like to become a teacher for small kids 4-10 years with a psycology especialization, I am a Realtor here in Houston. I did my ESL clases at North Harris College. My Husband can not economicaly suppot me, we do our taxes toguether but I do not have job rigth know and we are almost broke living with his income only, for that reason I probably need a Financial AID or a education loan. but I really need a guide, because I do not know what to do, I went to talk with the couselor at the college and I need to do the THEA test to beguing but I am scare I am 41 yeas old and I do not remember Mat at all. Culd you tell me what to do and if I need to do a Mat class before the test? I am mother os two kids 1 year old and 15 years old Thank you I really need helpthank you Silvia

  5. I am interested in becoming a teacher but, I do not know where to even begin to start. I’ve always had an interest in working with and helping children but, I have been in the medical field for the past few years. It’s hard to start over at 30 but not impossible. Do you have any words of advice or which direction to go? Thank you.

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