Voices in Action: National Youth Summit

President Obama has set a goal that by 2020 the United States lead the world in college completion.

Over the summer the U.S. Department of Education (ED) conducted a National Youth Listening Tour (NYLT) to engage youth in a conversation on what it will take to meet the President’s goal.  ED met with over 40 youth-serving institutions and over 1800 middle and high school students from across the country.

To close the tour, ED will host a Voices in Action: National Youth Summit, on Saturday, February 26, 2011 in Washington, D.C.

This is no ordinary conference. There will be DJs, spoken word artists, marching bands, and art. It’s going to be fun!  And there will be an opportunity for students to present their best ideas on meeting the President’s 2020 College Completion Goal with youth, partner organizations, and policymakers from across the country.

We want to galvanize youth to shape strategies and provide pathways for all students to be on track to achieve high school and postsecondary credentials. The summit will share what students have told ED to date, provide additional opportunity to give input, provide opportunities to communicate their views and ideas directly to senior administration officials, and allow students to plan ongoing youth-led, youth-directed efforts which will continue after the summit.

You can access further information about the summit at www.ed.gov/college-completion/youth-summit.  Space is limited. Registration for the conference will become live on January 25th.

Also, make sure to post a comment on our Facebook page. To find us, search for “ED Youth Voices.”

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Robert Gomez at robert.gomez@ed.gov.

You can provide us feedback now!
What are your thoughts about the summit?

What would you include in the summit to make it appealing to youth?

How would you make sure the event is engaging?


  1. The Summit was FANTASTIC. The energy was great and the youth really became involved in the break-out sessions.

    Now how do we keep them connected and working on the issues they voted to be uppermost for their achievements?

    Advertising works …. so get the responses out through every media outlet you can think of. Get the youth on TV and on YouTube ….

  2. What are your thoughts about the summit?

    I think the concept is phenomenal. It’s great that students from all over the country will convene to discuss such important topics.

    What would you include in the summit to make it appealing to youth?

    1.)Perhaps having a draw of celebs that share a passion for education and is willing to share their story in breakout sessions.

    2.) Have concrete ways that the youth can become and remain engaged after the summit.

    3.) Have some youth facilitators i.e. from organizations i.e. City Year, Build On, Youth Corps.

    How would you make sure the event is engaging?
    Have some breakout sessions for students to sign up for based on their individual interest.

    Provide time for students to address real life scenarios and develop group presentations led by energetic facilitators and report out groupwide.

    Entertainment/Appearance from various artist.

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