Helping States Address Budget Pressures

Across the country, governments at every level are facing enormous financial pressures. Many school districts are facing layoffs, reductions in state funding, and massive budget deficits.

Secretary Duncan calls these challenging financial times “The New Normal,” and to assist states, the Department of Education today released promising practices that offer some options to states and communities on the effective, efficient, and responsible use of resources in tight budget times.

In a letter to governors, Secretary Duncan noted that these options are entirely voluntary and entirely a matter of state and local discretion. He also challenged stakeholders, from elected officials at all levels to school administrators, school boards, and teacher leaders, to work with governors in achieving the very best outcome for students during tough economic times.

Click here to read the documents attached to Secretary Duncan’s letter to governors.


  1. issues…DOE finances……I work for the DOE in school cafeteria, we have a position labled LTA (limited term) my point is this position is wasting our money because workers are not capable to following directions understanding and quality of work is limited, brought to management attention nothing no one wants to be the bad guy.,,, but it brings the moral of the work place down…so my issue for this position is,,,,and mind you their getting benefits for their four hour a day work which their job discreption can be done in two and a half or three hours,,but the whole thing comes down to they should not be getting any benefits, the position shouldn’t be twenty hours a week, by cutting down this position it will bring in some monies in for DOE and get this free loaders to work, sub. people get the same pay and they work faster and don’t take advantage……. by giving this position as a non twenty and hour week the State will save money on breaks during the school year, plus sick and vacation time..because truly this position is being overly paid or financed….I’m not saying layoff anyone, and this position gets reviwed every year because position is ten months, if the enrollment drops the one with the least years of work goes first position and when its summer break they can put in for vacation while their out until school starts again so this whole issue is get back and save the State some money and stop giving it to the free loaders our children need all the help we can get for them!!!!! Thank You … concerned, Department Of Education worker..

  2. So, according to Mr. Duncan’s letter to the governors, can I spend tech grant money on other things? Please give me a list of things this grant money can be used on.

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