The President in Miami: Winning the Future Through Investments in Education

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This afternoon, President Obama will visit Miami Central Senior High School in Miami, Florida, along with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. The President will lay out his vision for improving American education through investments that are focused on responsibility, reform, and results.

Secretary Duncan previewed today’s visit with an op-ed for the Miami Herald:

Turning around a struggling school is some of the toughest work in education. Experience shows that effective turnarounds require strong leadership and the flexibility to recruit staff with special skills and commitment. Not every teacher or principal wants or should be in this demanding environment. But extraordinary principals and teachers who choose to work in turnaround schools deserve our full support and commitment.
The administration is supporting an array of bold options to help the children trapped in America’s lowest-performing schools. “More of the same” is not one of them.


  1. I have so many things I want to say. Idon’t know where to start. I will begin by saying, my father always told us that, “education is better than silver and gold.” I’m 51 yrs and still going to school. My sibblings have all quit school in Guyana. I’m now faced with a crisis involving one of my sibbling where he’s got to start learning to read from a 1st grade level. Is there any way you can address the problem of immigrants who come here for a better life and get burdened by the need to take care of family? I also would like to know if I can get some grant money to help in my community? And I would like to know in what ways the education system is going to change. I now work in an elementarry school and I don’t like what I see and hear and the way business is conducted.

  2. I hear stories like Tamelas all the time and it is really heart wrenching! I have always felt that in order to avoid such problems the education system here in the United States might be better served if we adopted policies like those in Germany and other countries in western Europe. In which we allow college bound high school children to either get federal funds for traditional higher education like going to a University. Or if they are certain about their desired career field receive grants for vocational studies. That way there would be more funds available for the older demographics of the population to go back to school after perhaps having been in the work force and seek to either change careers or move to higher paid positions in the field in which they have experience.

  3. i would like to go back to college in fact applyed but cant afford why we make to much i dont work do to a car accident and back surgery and had to quit my job over agirl talking on her cell phone hit me now cant go to school my husband makes 53,000.but take home 23,000.we just pay the bills and now that i could use help were is it im 50 and college is my only hope . the good old usa does not help those who are honest pay there taxes and work hard for there money i was born here thats my disadvantage $23,000. for two people to live on and i dont quilify for a pell grant WHY???

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