Tools to Help Students Become Financially Literate!

Join educators and students across America to participate in the National Financial Capability Challenge, where high school students can learn about how to take control of their financial futures. Lesson plans in the Challenge can help students make positive decisions about spending, saving, borrowing, and protecting against risk.

The program, which includes a free, voluntary, online exam, runs through April 8, 2011 and includes valuable information for students to learn about their finances. Certificates will be given to participating educators, and to top scoring students who take the online exam. For more information, go to and check out the video message from Secretary Duncan encouraging teachers to sign up.

Linda Yaron
Linda Yaron is a Washington Teaching Ambassador Fellow on loan from Los Angeles, Calif.

Click here for an accessible version of the video.


  1. We should really educate students starting college about student loans and regular loans when paying for their classes. I see too many young adults having massive amounts of debt after getting out of school. Some don’t graduate and end up with school loans but not the kind of job that would help them pay them back. When you are young, it is pretty easy borrowing without looking at the big picture.

  2. Mr. Duncan, I am pleased to finally hear someone say that the NCLB is failing our students. As a teacher I have seen our country turn in the wrong direction. We no longer teach a well rounded education. Only Math and reading and writing get real attention because of tests and funding. We have lost much of our creative process because the public school system is now designed to teach in a one size fits all program. We have lost our arts, and much of our history and science education. We have dumbed down to teach to a standardized test that covers only math and reading/writing on a regular basis. The United States was and still is made of the most creative people in the world. Unless we go back to teaching with creativity this will only get worse.

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