Winning the Future: Advanced Research Projects Agency for Education

President Obama will talk about “Winning the Future Through Education” this afternoon at 3:15 pm ET. Watch the speech live.

One topic will be the proposal in his 2012 budget to create an Advanced Research Projects Agency for Education (ARPA-ED).

ARPA-ED will fund projects run by industry, universities, or other innovative organizations. Projects will be selected based on their potential to transform teaching and learning in ways that the Internet, GPS, and robotics have transformed commerce, travel, warfare, and the way we live our daily lives.

Read more about ARPA-ED.


  1. The Exhibit Places & Spaces Mapping Science – next iteration is Science for Kids. We are looking for a way to link up with the STEM initiative. Who should we contact? Thanks!

  2. Raj has a good idea about sharing partnering information. Even more important is the issue of keeping such an initiative focused on R&D with real breakthrough potential, difficult in a field so rife with soical action with minimal substance.

  3. The Presidential speech was highly inspiring and enthusiastic.

    The following are notes/comments for furthering the thoughts.

    1) The headline at ED was: “Winning the Future: Advanced Research Projects Agency for Education”.
    Probably, I missed. there was no mention about the agency or its project plans/priorities.

    2) If there is going to be such an agency, it would be of great use to have a web-link/site dedicated to PARTNER SEARCH (education, technology (various aspects separately: Web management, content integration, broadband applications, etc., management, and philanthropy/venture caps.) This site will be a venue for a researcher to seek/search for potential partner(s) for a specific project of interest.

    Thank you.

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