Thank a Teacher

During Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6) and All Year Long

We owe so much to our nation’s teachers. Teachers have lit a spark in us, brought us into comfortable and challenging learning communities, and helped us to see who we could be. They have believed in us, and in so doing, teachers have changed the trajectory of our lives.

This year, students from all across the country are recording short videos to thank individual teachers for the difference they have made in their lives. We invite you to create your own video thanking a teacher and upload it to You Tube, School Tube, or another video sharing site. Then post a comment below and include the link to your video.

Be sure your video identifies a specific teacher and describes what that teacher did that made a difference in your life. Then check back and view others videos that honor teachers.

Laurie Calvert

Laurie Calvert is a Washington Teaching Ambassador Fellow on loan from Buncombe County, NC.


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