Recognizing ED Employees During Public Service Recognition Week

When Department of Education employees gather in the auditorium at the ED headquarters in Washington, DC, they normally aren’t greeted to a line of high school cheerleaders waving pom-poms and cheering.  But such was the scene yesterday as Secretary Duncan and Deputy Secretary Tony Miller thanked ED employees for their dedication and service as part of Public Service Recognition Week.

Deputy Secretary Miller thanked ED employees for all the energy they bring to the Department each day.  He also highlighted and thanked employees for their service outside of government as volunteers in local communities.  Miller noted that employees not only serve America’s school children while in their careers, but many dedicate time after work and on weekends to volunteering through local tutoring programs, their PTA, or even by teaching classes.

Secretary Duncan thanked the entire ED staff – including all the regional employees who were watching online-for their extraordinary commitment in working “every single day to help change our country’s future and fortune, and to help change the lives of our children.”

First Lady Michelle Obama also thanked public servants in the video below as part of the White House’s observance of Public Service Recognition Week.