Back-to-School Bus Tour: Highlights from Tuesday, September 6

Dr. Kanter with Monroe Community College students

A day before the official start of the Back-to-School Bus Tour, several Department officials hit the road early for events in Ohio and New York.  Here are some highlights:

Cleveland Middle School Helps Put ED Tour in Motion
Acting Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education Michael Yudin got fit with students at a Cleveland-area National Blue Ribbon School, during exercises led by the Cleveland Browns’ mascot, and other guests.  Read the full post.

Students “Strive” for College and Career Success
In Rochester, New York, Under Secretary Martha Kanter spoke with students, teachers, and state and local partners at Monroe Community College, as part of the area’s Cradle-to-Career/Strive Network Forum.  Read more about the event and the Strive Network, a grassroots partnership to provide the region’s students with a roadmap to excel in school, earn a high school diploma, and attain an associate or bachelor’s degree.  The Rochester group aims to match the momentum of a nearby effort in Buffalo, funded by a Department of Education Promise Neighborhoods grant.

Classes Get a High-Tech Boost in Rural New York
Director of Rural Outreach John White celebrated the first day of school at Cuba-Rushford Central School, in upstate New York.  He joined middle-schoolers using interactive technologies to study the three branches of government, and high school students in a Fisheries and Wildlife Technology Class, planning research projects that integrate math, science, English and computer technology.  From managing their own trout hatchery, to using radio telemetry applications to track whitetail deer, students gain STEM skills through hands-on applications.  Check out this innovative classroom.

You can follow the progress of this year’s back-to-school tour by visiting, by following #EDTour11 on Twitter and by signing up for email updates from the Department of Education.