Duncan on Parent Involvement and Fixing NCLB

Secretary Duncan recently sat down to respond to a few comments he received on his Facebook page.  Duncan describes the importance of parents in a student’s education, and he says that it’s important we do “everything we can do to get parents more engaged, to have them be full and equal partners with teachers, to be part of the solution.”

Secretary Duncan also responded to comments about the No Child Left Behind Law (NCLB), by noting that “the current law, as I’ve said repeatedly, is far too punitive, far too prescriptive, [and] has led to a “dumbing down” of standards, [and] to a narrowing of the curriculum.”

Since the beginning of the Obama Administration, Secretary Duncan has been working with Congress to obtain a bipartisan fix to NCLB, but Congress hasn’t acted yet. Later this week, President Obama will announce additional details on the Administration’s plan to give great teachers and great schools the flexibility they need to improve education outcomes.

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  1. My daughter did Montessori for her early elementary years and it was good for her. But there were children in her class for whom the environment was not conducive. As a child advocate and a champion of parental involvement, I tell parents this: evaluate the needs of each child individually and if means one kid winds up in Montessori and another in a school that provides structure, then so be it. All that matters is that the child is in an environment where he or she can thrive. We truly have to embrace the idea that one size does not fit all, especially in the world of education.

  2. High bar?
    Every family should have the choice of free, public Montessori.
    “Super Woman Was Already Here!” (Find video by same name online.)
    Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

    • Your right every child should get the chance to thrive!!! But mine doesn’t and I can’t get anyone to help us, not even the US Dept. of Education! Even with his 4 times over proven disability (he’s on the spectrum), attorney involved, we are being sued by the school district for simply going to them about multiple bullying incidents, (our 10yr old has made verbal suicide comments cause of it) and still denied an IEP and safety plan!! What is wrong with this state!!!

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