Education Stakeholders Weigh In on the American Jobs Act

It’s been a week since President Obama announced the American Jobs Act to a joint session of Congress, and since that time the education community has responded enthusiastically about the proposal that would allocate $30 billion to support teacher jobs and $30 billion for school and community college modernization and renovation (click here to see how it will affect your state).

Council for Exceptional Children: “CEC’s members, like all Americans, have felt the brunt of this economic downturn and have witnessed its direct impact on the children and youth with disabilities and those with gifts and talents whom they serve. Without this investment, we risk letting our nation’s greatest asset – our children – languish in short-staffed, overcrowded, underfunded classrooms.”

National Association of Secondary School Principals: “This bill is about all of us. It’s not about supporting an ideology or institution, but supporting our children–those who will be our caretakers and leaders in the next generation–with educators and facilities that will empower them to thrive.

National Education Association: “Unemployment isn’t just an economic issue – it’s an education issue. Our members have seen firsthand the devastating impact unemployment is having on our communities and our schools. Too many of our students are coming to schools hungry and without the basic supplies they need as moms and dads struggle to make ends meet.”

PTA: “Our PTA members witness, first hand, the devastating impact of teacher and administrative layoffs: school days are shortened, enrichment programs disappear, classroom size increases, and student outcomes suffer.”

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities: “President Obama’s proposal is a step in the right direction to tackle our nation’s unemployment rate.”

American Association of School Administrators: “The American Jobs Act would devote $25 billion to the renovation of 35,000 schools and $30 billion to preventing the layoff of 280,000 teachers.  Keeping teachers in our classrooms is essential to meeting the educational needs of our students.  Creating jobs that will make much-needed repairs to our schools is a win-win situation.”

National School Boards Association: “Our school children deserve a quality education and that cannot happen when their teachers are getting laid off and their school buildings are in need of repairs and upgrades that keep getting postponed due to budget cuts.”

American Federation of Teachers: “The President wisely decided to invest in jobs and programs that will rebuild our nation to meet its promise and potential.”

Council of the Great City Schools: “The President’s plan will not only help stimulate the economy, provide badly needed jobs, put laid-off teachers back in our classrooms, and fix our aging schools, but more importantly it will begin to rebuild the nation’s capacity to deliver 21st century educational services that meet the new higher academic standard adopted by nearly all of the states.”

Committee for Education Funding: “Our students deserve safe, healthy and modern school buildings” said CEF President Abbie Evans. “It’s hard for students to learn in schools with environmental hazards or lacking modern technology and science labs.”

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