How Would You Improve Federal Websites?

How would you like to see federal websites improved?

Share your ideas. Vote on others. Join the National Dialogue on Improving Federal Websites.

The discussion is Sept 19-30. It grows out of President Obama’s Campaign to Cut Waste and is part of his administration’s commitment to improving customer service.

During the first week, more than 250 ideas, 850 comments, and 4,000 votes came in from people across the country. Among the topics: improve content, readability, design, search, accessibility, online services, and social media.

Your ideas can make a difference. They’ll be considered by a task force developing recommendations for managing federal websites more efficiently, strengthening federal web policy, and improving the online customer experience.

Join the discussion. Help change the way our government does business online.

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  1. I think Government websites should have the look and feel of more modern website design. I think this will make them more appealing and therefore attracting more visitors. Obviously the idea behind these websites is supplying important information to the public, so the more current and timely the website is the more inter action the general public would have with it.

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