ED Working to Resolve Problems with Direct Loan Website

Updated Jan. 5, 4:00 PM ET: The Department’s new Direct Loan Servicing website can be accessed 24 hours a day at www.myedaccount.com.

To help borrowers who are experiencing technical issues when accessing the new website, the Direct Loan Servicing Center has set up a technical assistance call center.  The technical assistance call center will handle inquiries relating to new web account set ups, password resets, and other general questions about getting logged into Manage My Account (MMA) feature of the website.  This special technical assistance call center, 1-888-809-2452, is operational between the hours of 8:00am and 8:30pm ET, Monday through Friday.

Borrowers with any other questions about their Direct Loan account should call the Direct Loan Servicing Center’s main line at 1-800-848-0979. The Direct Loan Servicing Center is operational between the hours of 8:00am and 8:30pm ET, Monday through Friday.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate borrowers’ patience during the Direct Loan Servicing Center’s transition.  Please be assured that no borrower impacted by access issues experienced during the transition will be penalized for late payments or lose any benefits to which they are entitled. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.       I’m having trouble accessing the website and call center.  What’s going on?

The Direct Loan Servicing Center is in the process of transitioning to a new website, www.myedaccount.com.  As a result of the transition, some student loan borrowers were having trouble accessing the site or experiencing extended wait times.  We are aware of these issues and are working to address them.  We will keep you updated as more information becomes available and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2.       What if I need to make a payment?

Borrowers may choose to mail in their payment or wait until the website is functional to make an online payment.  We understand that this issue has been an inconvenience for our borrowers. We will ensure that no borrower loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

Borrowers who choose to mail their payments can send a check or money order (including their account number) to the following address: 
United States Department of Education 
PO Box 530260 
Atlanta, GA  30353-0260

3.       Will my payment be considered late?

We will ensure that no borrower is penalized or loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

4.       Will I lose any benefits as a result of this issue?

We will ensure that no borrower is penalized or loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

5.       If I make payments through electronic debit, will my payment be impacted?

Borrowers enrolled in electronic debit do not need to take any action. However, borrowers with an October 7, 2011 debit date may have noticed a slight delay in the drafting of the payment from their bank accounts.  Despite the drafting delay, the effective date of each borrower’s payment will be October 7, 2011.

6.       Should I send my payment in via mail?

Borrowers who choose to mail their payments can send a check or money order (including their account number) to the following address:
 United States Department of Education
 PO Box 530260 
Atlanta, GA  30353-0260

7.       Is the new website, www.myedaccount.com, compatible with all browsers?

 The website is compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0 (and higher), Firefox 3.0 (and higher), Chrome and Safari.

 8.      If I had an account on the old Direct Loan Servicing Center website, will it transfer over to the new site or do I need to create a new account? 

You must register for a new account at the new Direct Loan Servicing center website, www.myedaccount.com to access your account information.  You will no longer use your Federal Student Aid PIN to access information about your loans.

9.        I don’t think I’m receiving e-mails from the new Direct Loan Servicing Center.  What should I do?

The first thing to do is update your e-mail address book.  You may want to add the two e‑mail addresses the Direct Loan Servicing Center will use to communicate electronically with you. The two addresses are dlsc@myedaccount.com and onlinenotice@directloanservicingcenter.org. Doing this will prevent the servicer’s e-mails from being blocked and ending up in a quarantine, spam, junk, or trash folder.

If after adding both addresses to your e-mail address book you are still not receiving e-mails, contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center for assistance.

10.     My account is showing past due, but I am enrolled in electronic debit.  Do I need to send in a payment?

 If you are repaying your loan using electronic debit (the Kwikpay option), the Direct Loan Servicing Center will now debit your bank account on the first business day following your due date.  The Direct Loan Servicing Center will apply the payment to your Direct Loan account with an effective date that is the same as your payment due date.  If you access your account via the website or on our automated voice response system before both the bank account debit and the Direct Loan account payment application occur, your account may appear to be past due.   However, your status will be updated to current as soon as the payment application occurs and will not reflect negatively on your account.   It is not necessary to re-submit or mail another payment.

11.      I received a billing statement from the Direct Loan Servicing Center, but I have electronic debit set up.  Do I need to send in a payment?

No, if you are enrolled in electronic debit, you do not need to send a payment.  Your electronic payment will be applied as scheduled.

 12.    My payment history is no longer available online.  How can I get a copy of my payment history?

Payment history before October 1, 2011, is not available on www.myedaccount.com.  However, you may request that a copy of your payment history be sent to you via U.S. mail.  In order to request your payment history, please contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center at 1-800-848-0979 or send an email using the ‘contact us’ link found on the homepage of the website.


  1. If this site “upgrade” wasn’t such a disaster it would be funny. I like how the press release is updated January 5th but it does not state what was updated. So you read to the bottom and now, what a surprise, our payment history will NEVER be transferred to the new site. I have absolutely no confidence in anything related to this new site. I can’t wait to see how wrong my 2011 tax information is. This is just pure incompetence.

    • My 2011 Tax information said $0.00 student loan interest received by lender. I know that is not right, Awesome!

    • I just opened my 1098-e on the website and surprise surprise it shows $0.00 in interest. I had to call them to get the correct amount and have a new 1098-e sent to me. From the way it sounds they are aware that this issue has occurred but don’t have an announcement on the website and don’t seem to know which borrowers are affected. Even for a government project this is just a new low of incompetence.

  2. Called these numbers, (1-800-848-0979, 1-800-557-7392, 315-738-6634) but got nothing! One of the numbers had an automated voice stating that there was new info- regarding the phone number and that i should push * star on my keypad and that charges would apply, $9.99 per month for usage….!

  3. You guys need to go back to the old system. The new login method is completely insecure. Secret questions are a joke and you don’t even send the password reset to the user’s email, you let them do it upon a sucessful guess of the answer to the question. The SSN/DOB/PIN method was much better.

    Also, the site layout is crap. There’s a lot of wasted space and the spacing between lines is so large as to make it difficult to focus. I find myself having to guess where things are.

    Also, the title bars through out the site say “Acs” with a few that say “Nelnet.com”. You need to fix this. When I saw Nelnet I called to complain because I don’t want Nelnet touching my loan ever again. I was told that Nelnet isn’t involved and that it’s because they used some of their system.

    ED needs to ditch this contractor and go back to managing our loans themselves.

  4. Has anyone started a class action lawsuit over this fiasco yet? It’s beyond mismanagement. The portion of my monthly payment being applied to interest is now completely inaccurate. I am outraged by the amount of time and energy this new website disaster has cost me.

    • I’m giving it to the end of the month, and I plan to contact a lawyer. Enough is enough with unapplied payments and unanswered questions and poor record keeping. I’ll post so others can join if I need to go that far.

  5. The mailed billing statement is not current and totaly out of sync with the web site billing information. Looks like the two systems are completely partitioned, totally independent and would require human initiated corrections and thereby add to the potential for more errors. After reading about all the problems with electronic payments, I’ll live with good old snail mail although I’ll miss a quarter point discount off the interest rate. It is worth it. Keep the Post Office alive – old habits die hard

  6. Wow,,, I cant get into the new website that says all you got to do is sign in….. well I cant get past the 3 security questions… I answer them and click whatever the hell button it is to go to the next page/window.. but it just stays on the security questions. I have been trying the last 4 hours,, and I am resigned and admit I no longer have computer access to this new site that manages DOE loans,,,, I just found out today as I tried to go to the old website that tells me that site don’t exist anymore,, well guess I never would have known if I didnt try to check my balance…. lol , I dont know what to say or do…. but I hope everyone has a better day…

    • I also logged a complaint with the better business bureau against the servicer (ACS) and they responded with a completely standard response. I wrote back that it did not address my problem. The BBB finally said that they acknowledged that ACS failed to properly address my concerns and that it would reflect negatively against the company. I don’t know how much it actually will (and my problems are unresolved) but it’s something.

  7. In the earlier part of September I received a letter from Department of Education Direct Loans stating that my request for electronic debiting was approved. The letter stated that the debiting would take place on 09/28/11 and every month thereafter. That same day I accessed Department of Education’s website to confirm if that information was updated online. The information was updated correctly and stated that the debiting would occur on the 28th of every month. On 09/28/11 the debit was made with no problem. I did not receive an email receipt stating that the debit had occurred successfully. I verified the debit was successful by checking my account on 09/28/11.
    On October 28, 2011 I checked my account to see if the scheduled debiting had occurred. The debit had not occurred as of 6:00 p.m. that evening. That same evening I received a Billing Statement from Department of Education Direct Loans stating that my bill was due on 10/28/11 with a payment coupon attached and suggesting that I sign up for electronic debiting . Rightfully confused I phoned Department of Education immediately. Unfortunately, I was unable to speak with a live person. I then went to the website that Department of Education had printed on the statement to confirm if the statement I had received was an error. Once accessing their NEW website, http://www.myedaccount.com, I logged in and was surprised to see that my banking information was missing. I checked the payment outbox to verify if there were any payments pending or in progress. There were no payments in Pending Status or in Progress Status. I then manually added my account information, paid my bill and signed up for electronic debiting. The Department of Education then sent me an email confirming my payment .
    To my surprise on November 1, 2011 I noticed that the Department of Education debited my account twice, once on the 31st of October and again on the 1st of November. On November 1st and 2nd I attempted to contact Departd ment of Education at four different times of the day and all my attempts were unsuccessful due to their “high call volume.” This all occured prior to the Department of Education posting the memo about them debiting the account on the next business day after the due date. (This would have definitely served as useful information initially. Minimally speaking they should at least show the payment as processing.)

    Thankfully, my bank credited my account once I filed a dispute against the duplicate charge. Two weeks later DOE’s website shows the next due date as 12/28/11. Since I was never allowed the opportunity to speak with someone I assumed that they realized their error and credited me for November. I contacted my bank to try to give back the money they credited me for the duplicate and was told I had to contact DOE. I tried unsuccessfully for a few weeks trying to speak with someone.

    I received my December statement in the mail dated December 6th. It stated that I had no past due amounts and my next payment would be due December 28th. I decided to pay them on the 29th of December just to make sure I would not be automatic debited. I accessed the website on the 29th and it stated I was two months past due. To make matters worse, the site does not even indicate in my payment history that they debited my account twice in October. (They only show one debit and October and they applied the entire amount to interest) They make it appear as though I paid October, skipped November and late on December. I received the email confirmation on Dec 29th stating payment was effective December 30. Today is January 2nd and DOE still has not debited my account and still states that I am past due.

    DOE has caused inconvenience and grieff for millions. I believe that individual complaints will go nowhere, instead people must collectively hold their government accountable to them. A class action law suit is definitey in order.

    I just graduated in June with my Masters in Public Administration. Please believe me, if people are not vocal enough to point out these inefficiencies then our complaints go on deaf ears.

  8. be careful people. GC Services says that they are with the US Dept. of Education, but they can’t be. Rude and obnoxious “collection con artists” If they really are apart of the US Deptartment of Education, they need to be smacked for their use of immature and disrespectful people trying to collect on a debt. GC Services isn’t even listed on the BBB Website. losers.

  9. I have been involved in the IT industry for over 40 years and I have never experienced such a mismanaged website as the Direct Loan Servicing website – payments made but never recorded, website down for extended periods of time, messages stating when auto payments will be made but never are. Is my tax money supporting this?

    • Oh…I agree with you ! I have never experienced such a failure of a site. They cannot even answer questions properly and direct you through issues. They are nasty. I have sent over 10 emails and their responses are different every time. They take more money than they are supposed to. I quit. I will never borrow from the gov’t again. They are scamming all of us now.

  10. This new website is full of crap!!!! I’ve tried calling over the phone but even they keep me on hold for so long that my battery dies. I’ve been told that my loans are in default when there not even there, Everytime I call i never can speak to a represenative.

  11. I emailed customer service & requested that a complete payment history be sent to me. Four days later I received an email response stating that they mailed me a copy of my payment history (although based on the print date on the paper they actually did it 2 days later). Today (9 days after the email response counting holidays) I received a payment history in the mail. The payment history does go back several years to my very first payment, but for some reason it ends at my last payment I made on the old website so they must still be unable to combine the payment histories into 1 functional history (I’ve made 3 payments since the website switch & there was no mention of those at all). At least I got something. I made sure my email was very short & just about the payment history request since it seems like when I try to address too many issues in one email nothing gets solved.

    • Oh…just wait until they try sending us the interest statement for the year. This is the biggest failure of a site I have ever encountered in my entire life.

      • What interest statement?!? I won’t be getting one. They applied my payments as principle only, and when I questioned them about it, they said it was for my benefit!. When I told them I wanted the interest paid instead, they said they would do it, but I wouldn’t get a 1098E until the 2012 tax year! This is going to mess my taxes up really well. Thanks, USDoEd contractor, whoever you are. The IRS must love you !!!!!!

  12. This new website is garbage. It makes me very uncomfortable that my entire payment history is gone, and all the information about my initial loan amounts, earned interest breaks, rebates, etc. Has anyone successfully requested paper copies of past statements? I really do not trust this new site (or the government) to handle payments properly and it sounds like there is little recourse for getting things straightened out if they fail to acknowledge your payment. Oh, and no zero-balance/pay-off letters? We’re all being set up to get screwed over. What a scam.

  13. I have been lucky compared to some of the stories – my payments have been reflected properly. The problem is that all payment history is gone, and it seems that when the switch over occurred, they consolidated the loans and compounded any interest that had accrued during the month prior to the next payment. This resulted in an increased payment amount – a minimal increase, but still an increase. In addition, the reduced interest rate for auto payments was gone so I paid higher interest amounts for a couple of months until I re-enrolled in kwikpay.

    They also regrouped my loans – previously they were grouped according to undergraduate vs graduate loans. All were the same interest rate so it shouldn’t matter, but I was planning to payoff the undergrad loans in order to reduce my monthly payment (while still using standard repayment) now I don’t have that option. I sent an email (in October) to find out if I could mail a payment to payoff specfic loans within the groups so that I could lower my payment and never got a response. The only positive for me is that the old DOE loans are showing paid or transferred on my credit report and are no longer reflecting a balance!

    Regardless, I am determined to get rid of these things – in general the switch over should have been a smooth transition – the same interest rates, payments, etc. Our only responsibility should have been a new user name and password. I am seeing a class action law suit in the future!

    • I so agree with you! What a disaster of a transitition that cannot even be completed because of all the problems. Everyone needs to keep very tight grips on their balances and payments. I paid extra and they applied it to the next few months payments. That did not occur on the previous site. It went to the principal and whatever interest was accrued on that month. I will not let them auto debit any longer. They took almost double out one month. Who gave them the authorization to do that? Not I. No wonder we do not trust the gov’t!!!

  14. It looks like DOE seems to be ignoring this issue, no official updates since Decemeber 1st as to when (if ever) the site is going to work properly. Will I ever get my payment history back, will tax information be generated correctly for 2011, who knows. This is awful, I guess this is what we should expect for our tax dollars these days, incompetence.

  15. 506 complaints from a couple of thousands of people with accounts with DOE. Nothing is perfect, so please give them a chance to fix the website. Maybe some of the customer service reps have loans, too, from DOE and are in the same situation, so please don’t yell at them when you are on the phone. is it right to be yelled at when it is not your fault? Yes, they work for “the system” but they are people too who are just trying to pay their bills, just like you and me. (I am not sanctimonious, just asking folks to not yell at the person who answers the phones.)

    • I agree to not take out anger on the person over the phone as they do not have complete control. HOWEVER, the very first phone call I made started off on the wrong foot. Here is my story, I think I have the right to be very upset with the service given.

      I paid off my loan in full sometime in October, immediately right after I paid my loan off in full $1400 left my banking account to be applied to federal direct which looking at the payment website it shows NO record of $1400 to being applied to my account. I was hit with over draft fees and as calm and collective as I could be I called on a Friday night while I was suppose to be working for my own company and sat on the phone for an hour before I could reach a Representative. The representative could not see the $1400 any where in the system – so now where did the money go? She told me the website should show in 3 days the $1400 would be applied to my account (today it STILL does not show). She also said there was going to be another couple thousand dollars leaving my account on Monday and she had no way of stopping the payment. I became very concerned and asked to speak with her manager to see if SOMEONE could stop the money from leaving my banking account. I also asked to get a phone number of the person I was being transferred (so if I got disconnected I wouldn’t have to wait an hour on the phone). She told me noone had direct phone lines (which is a lie because I now have a point of contact). Guess what – I got disconnected! So, I am still remaining calm and wait another hour on the phone and turns out I get the SAME GIRL on the phone who insisted she transferred me to her manager, I asked again to PLEASE give me a phone number which she didn’t do, thankfully I was connected to that manager who had to transfer me to another manager.. Also – during the time I talked to the initial girl she put me on hold for 30 minutes as she was checking the system with periodically telling me she was still on the line but she clicked so FAST I couldn’t tell her I couldn’t wait on the phone any longer… Well this was the first night this all started, after 2 and a half hours of being on the phone I left without any information….

      I call weekly asking for updates, I have asked 3 times for a payment record to be mailed out to me – still not one piece of mail has come yet.

      Each time I call I get a new and different answer, some people tell me it will take 30 days to process the refund, some say 2 weeks, some say 90 days and some say 60.. I am also told different amounts I will be refunded (and I can always tell the rep is trying to calculate what they think i should get back..)

      I do have a point of contact who never returns my calls, she also gives me different information..

      I also had a double payment taken out of my account of which seems to be the only refund anyone can see..

      This issue has caused me more money!! I decided to pay off my loan completely so I could save on the interest, but now I am paying over draft fees, and I have lost interest on my money market account because the I don’t carry another 1000 in my account that I originally had.. I understand noone should or would care about where I place my money – but I do not see any reason for the HORRIBLE service of LIES, and disrespect with no care! Obviously there may not be answers but telling lies does not fly… Perhaps the reps were told to only take inbound calls and not outbound to be able to assist as many people as they could – but I had to call in and clogg up the phone lines to get a 2 min. answer after I had to explain my issue for another 10 mins. It doesn’t make sense to have to call in multiple times to explain my issue multiple times – its such a waste of time, if one person could talk to me i could at least refresh their memory with my story—- I suppose I have my point of contact, but she is worthless and doesn’t respond…

      • Put a block on your bank account regarding debits from the DOE. The bank will not allow them to steal anymore of your money. I have the same issue. They keep taking whatever they want!

    • I agree with you that we shouldn’t yell at the folks on the phone. It certainly is not their fault. Most that I have spoken with have tried to be helpful, but I do get different answers from many of them. I suspect these poor folks weren’t given much training before they were thrown into this hornet’s nest. You aren’t being sanctimonious. Asking people to be polite is very different from laughing at them and telling them that they don’t have lives.

  16. I called today at 12:50 PM, was able to speak with someone at 12:51 PM, and was able to get the answer I needed by 12:54 PM. The person was very helpful if not very cheerful. I find that not assuming that the DOE person knows my business is the best starting point, because I don’t get upset when they have to ask clarifying questions or give me an answer to the question that I asked (instead of the question that is in my head but I was not able to clearly communicate).

    • I wish I was kidding, but whenever I call I get told there system is down. One morning I called and they told me power was out in the building. Again, I wish I was kidding, but I swear on all that is holy that that is what they told me. This has happened three times. I almost find it believable that their system is down, but thought it was a stretch for them to claim power was out in the building but they could somehow still answer phones?

  17. The Dept of Ed is a joke! I have called repeatedly trying to get a straight answer as to what forms must be completed in order to officially request the IBR plan and unemployment deferment. They have sent me the wrong forms, actually assisted me in completing them incorrectly, and have no idea from one call to the next what forms I may even be asking about! Their Customer Service Reps are every bit as clueless as they are! Not to mention the fact that all of these forms were already completed and received by their KY consolidation office. I suppose it’s just too much to ask for the KY office to forward the forms to TX. This entire department is a waste of taxpayer time and money! Get somebody in there who can be competent and actually knows what’s going on.

  18. You guys are lucky,

    Everytime I email them, I get no response back. Everytime I call them at EXACTLY 8:00 AM, I’ll be waiting for a rep for 1 hr and 30+ mins and still get no rep. By then I give up and hang up. I pay $313.00 through kwikpay, they posted it to my account but they never pulled the money out of my bank account and that was back in Oct 2011, and now it’s December. That money is still in my bank account waiting for them to pull it out.

    I don’t like the new website one bit. The previous website was user friendly and actually pulled money from the account. Now, magically, Group B of my student loan is in the loan status, “refund due.” What ever that means???? Thank god I have credit check monitoring to see where my student loan ends up at….. After this I my need to put an initial 90 day alert on my credit report (that is free) and when it drops off I will put it back on.

    Someone over there better get better educated and get more experience because they are messing with our credit scores and credit reports…..

    By the way, who are the customer service reps? Americans or some other country????? That is even more scary to know

    • I had a payment scheduled for November 7 and their website said that the payment went through and my bill was paid on November 7 (it wasn’t due until 11/28). I waited and waited and it never came out of my bank account. I also check the student loan website every single day to see if anything changed. December cam along and I scheduled my December payment to come out on 12/16….Then on 12/15, my account randomly said I had one payment due and one late payment! I called and was told that my payment didn’t go through due to insufficient funds (1 1/2 months later they decided this???). My bank doesn’t have any history of them even trying to take the payment out. Well, my 12/16 payment went through on the loan website so now instead of a late payment, it just says I owe a December payment. My bank is showing that they took a payment out then put it back in…no idea why… I called the student loan people and explained that the money is not coming out of my bank and she insisted it is….NO IT ISN”T and it’s just going to say I have a late payment again 1 1/2 months later! UGH!!!

      • I’m having the same problem. I’ve been making payments,but I noticed none posted to my b-acct,I contacted DOE and was informed my bank ‘reversed” my payments. My bank has been investigating the DOE claim and states it isn’t true-there is no record of submission for payment by the DOE. I’ve been trying to pay-after speaking with DOE and my bank -again,nothing is happening. I’m afraid I’m going to have my credit “jacked up” I hate the new website-it’s not user friendly like the old one. The only bad thing about the old site was weaving your way to the “make online payment” page. Why the heck did they change it?

        • I am having the same problem! I had made 3 payments and the site says it received my payment, but it never takes it out of my bank account. I was unaware that this was happening until I received a letter saying my last payment was denied/reversed. I’ve got the money in my account- they never tried to take it. I retyped in my account info thinking maybe I had typed in a number wrong, and made another payment. Still not showing in my bank. I just retyped it again and made another payment. Then I got to this site and saw others had the same problem. The people on the phone are no help at all. I will be making my payments by mail from now on, but that is a problem too since I receive my statements inconsistently now- often do not get them for months, until I call to request them.

      • This is exactly the same thing that is happening to me. No activity on my bank’s end, email confirmation from DL confirming the Oct payment. The only way I could have found out that anything was wrong with my October payments was by waiting until December, calling customer service, and demanding to talk with a supervisor. I’m scared to pay again online, and I’m scared to send a check by mail to an organization that is so clearly incompetent. Take my money…please, just take my money and don’t screw me over. How is that hard?

        • This is happening to me as well! They confirm payment over email and my bank knows nothing about it. Until this month when it said “last payment received 12/13” (which they didn’t actually receive but they thought they did apparently) but then it also said that I was past due one payment so I really owed double, and it was due 12/28.
          So I paid it, on 12/28. Now it says I’m past due again, and that I owe a double amount for 1/28. I would like to think that this is to catch up for all the times that they didn’t take the money out of my account this fall, but I honestly don’t think I can give them that much credit. It is such a pain! And as mentioned, the website and lack of payment history info is not helpful.

          It also seems to me like they are not recognized the financial problems that are occurring to the debt-holders, but only their “technical difficulties” as they transition to the new website. I’m all for giving them time to get that set up and working properly, and not taking it out on the poor saps who have to work at such an anger-producing call center, but I also think its BS to just ask us to be patient and not look into ways to mitigate all the illegal financial transactions that are taking place. Can we please be heard on this matter?

          • I’m not even going to try to make any more payments until this gets figured out. I almost want to ask for deferment until this problem is solved….though I’m sure they would screw that up too!

      • Yes, this happened to me too. I actually paid off a loan and then it just re-appeared over a month later with a balance. I called to figure out what happened, but the operator was completely confused, so I asked for a supervisor. The first supervisor kept insisting I had insufficient funds for that payment which caused them to reverse it. I opened up my bank web site to confirm there was plenty of money in the account on each of the payment dates. Then, while I was speaking to her, I realized there were actually THREE payments over the last two months which I’d authorized, which they’d applied to my loan account but which they never actually deducted from my checking account! And it was three payments interspersed among 6-7 other payments from the same account–and the others went through fine. The first supervisor tried to blow me off and told me to check with my bank, but when I was getting her name and title, she told me she was an “Assistant Supervisor,” so I asked to speak to a real supervisor. I then spoke with a Mr. Lake and told him I was QUITE sure that if they’d ever tried to take these three payments out of my account and there was NSF, my bank would’ve sent me a nasty letter and charged me a fee. But there was no record of that. And I told him the money was still in the bank account and for some reason they just never withdrew it although it appeared they did on my loan account. Mr. Lake was actually very helpful and he’s monitoring my account now. Once their computers catch up and they “reverse” all three payments, he has said that I can re-post them and he’ll make sure they post with an as-of date matching the original authorization date so I don’t pay any extra interest. I appreciate Mr. Lake’s help, but it was crazy and infuriating that, before I could speak with him, I had to spend 38 minutes on the phone with two incompetent operators–including a very rude “assistant supervisor” who kept ignoring me, shouting over me, and accusing me of essentially bouncing three checks rather than acknowledging this as one of the many problems with this new web site.

  19. I have been paying my son’s loan down monthly by check. In November I sent in the payment with no coupon since it never arrived and I thought it better to send it in and not wait for a delayed coupon. I was shocked to find out the bill and all my son’s history and personal information was sent to a different state and different person !!!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS and UNACCEPTABLE. Luckily the person forwarded it to me. I notice that my son now has a new account number but none of November’s or December’s payments have been accounted for. Of all institutions, the US Department of Education site should be a secure and easy place to navigate. The old site worked fine, so why did you have to fix something that worked?

  20. So I have paid my loan on time for over 2 years. I am on the income-based repayment option. Now I have switched over to this new site, my payment shows that instead of 445.00 a month I will now owe 1, 467.00 a month! No explanation given. What?? Anyone else having this issue? I am calling my senator if this doesn’t get fixed fast.

    • It is all a mess. My payments do get deducted from my account (since October) but none are getting posted to my account. My first reply was they will “eventually” get posted and the latest was to allow 7-10 business days. Well that date has come and gone. My loan statements don’t reflect any payments since the change to the new website. I am sending my congressman authorization to work on my behalf to try and fix all the inaccuracies to my account.

  21. Worse than pitiful.
    Not only a mess operationally but also miserable attitudinally.
    This is , was and will continue to be a management issue. Incompetence starting at the top with no regard to proper treatment of customer borrowers.

  22. It is taking an average of 6 weeks for a response to my questions asked through the website which means I’m now getting responses to complaints made mid-October but the answers are not helpful, Suddenly now my account on the website has a totally different amount due which I do not understand it almost looks like my loan was refinanced but I do not know who refinanced it. I see here reference to Nelnet and ACS but I thought I was still with Direct Loans.

    Why didn’t I receive a letter saying my loan is now with _____________ and it has been refinanced and my payment will be lower and I will be paying longer ultimately paying more interest? Is that legal to do such things without notification?

    I also am struggling with Experian and TransUnion indicating I have no open student loans only a closed loan when I am paying $300 a month on student loans. This will cost my ability to get a mortgage as planned. I have payments but no way to show I am making them.

    I want to know who I can report this too…

  23. What a bunch of fools. They took over $3,900 out for my wife’s monthly payment instead of the $206 they took out last month. They claim that they have no way to give me back my money. It overdrafted my account by about $1,000 and of course it’s christmas. Their reaction was very unsympathetic (except for the first person my wife talked with) and they can’t credit me without requesting a check from the Treasury Department (30 days). They are pushing this to have my bank resolve it. Which thanks to new banking regulations will take 10 business days. They took all of our money just before Christmas and claim they can’t give it back.

  24. I mailed a Check for $5,000 October 15, cashed and cleared by the DOE October 18. They keep telling me that they are maual transfering and correcting things. It will be two months today. This is either criminal or stupid. They say they can “see” my deposit but they cant call anyone, or contact anyone in the Atlanta collection office. What BS. This is hope and change we wanted. They say that they are considering the $5,000 as a cash refund and it will be taken care of. Except no one can give me a date when it will happen. These people would not tiolerate this if it was their Visa bill.

    • THE EXACT SAME THING IS HAPPENING TO ME! It has been 2 months since my 5,000 dollar payment and nothing has been posted to my account. I just don’t understand! DL is the worst company I have ever dealt with and they still to this day will not admit that there is a problem!

    • Exact same thing happened to me! I paid an extra $500.00 one month and it doesn’t show ANYWHERE although they said it is there. WHERE? Thy also more than double debited my account in October, 2011 and said that is what I entered on Kwik pay! I spoke with a rep to walk me through prior to all this and he did it incorrectly. I receive email responses 3 weeks after I send an email. Now someone else is telling me my extra money paid will be a cash cancellation! What the heck is that! Everytime I call I get different answers. Nobody there knows what they are doing. I am going to hire an accountant to keep track of this as I feel these people are defrauding the people that feed their mouths! How would you ever figure it out and where do you go. Everytime I call these people get nastier as time goes on. One is covering for the other! What a farce! Great picture of our Gov’ts ability to service the taxpayers that are trying to get an education! Never again will I do a parent plus loan. I will take from my retirement first to get my kids through school. You can’t trust what is going on here!

    • I have had the exact same thing happen to me. I’ve made 4 payments (2 in October and 2 in November) – DOE has taken the money from my checking account but has not reduced my loan balance accordingly.

      I’ve been calling every week since mid-November and every time I get a slightly different answer. I asked them to refund my money if they can’t handle it properly and of course, they couldn’t do that either.

      Just another example of how the government cannot efficiently and effectively handle taxpayer dollars. I can guarantee this type of IT transition in a private sector company would not have the complications seen here.

      • Ha ha! Do you really think that ED actually handles this mess? They’ve outsourced this fiasco. It is a private contractor, NELNET, that is responsible for this abomination of a website, and they are probably responsible for all of the current processing errors. They probably share responsibility with the previous contractor on mismanaging the data transfer.

        But DO complain to your representative and/or your senator. When a government contractor gets inquiries from a legislator, they pay attention.

        • I am working with the Ombudsman’s office to see if i can do this correctly. On the EDU website is a list of all the telephone numbers of every EDU office, you can contact your Congress person as this is an election year they love to help constituents.
          Venting on this website does not work as they obviously don’t read the comments since if they would they would make a point of least providing an intelligent response.
          There has to be a concerted effort to prod politely, and then increase the noise level as they do not respond.

  25. “The way this whole implementation has gone is totally unprofessional and shows that whoever was in charge of its development and installation doesn’t have the experience or competence required for this type of work. Incompetence bordering on the criminal.

    There is no way that anyone did any serious testing prior to replacing the old site as this site obviously didn’t work from the beginning and is missing or incorrectly displaying account infomation, lacking histories and even something as basic as pdf forms. The previous website was a very functional, well organized and informative system where you could get what you needed – why in the world would you replace it with something that didn’t work from the start and still has no content? If it isn’t broke then don’t fix it!!

    The new site is one travesty, but it unexcusable is the additional failure to acknowledge the failure of the system and not reverting back to the old system until the new one can be fixed – much rather drive my old corolla that runs and gets me where i am going rather than sit in my brand new mercedes that is missing the battery, engine and tires – I guess the folks at ED prefer high pricetag glitzy but non-functional approach – probably trashed the old system before knowing that the new on would work.” ~~T

    I so agree with T. This whole website is a disfunctional, erroneous, flawed, & inefficient. I had double payments for Oct. Called customer service to rectify the issue. I was told that it would take approximately 6 weeks to be cut a refund check. By this time, my next payment for November would be due, so I said just keep the double payment for Oct & that would cover for November & I would not make an ADDITIONAL payment for November.

    The billing statement mailed to me showed double payment applied to my student loan balance, but hadn’t seen deductions from bank account/statement.

    Made payment for December & noted balance due for 1 month’s payment. (?????) Contact customer service & was told that my double payment for Oct had been returned for insufficient funds. No where in banking account history denotes any returned payment of insufficent funds at all for Oct. So I was told the payment that I made for Dec was actually a payment for Nov and I was still due to make 1 month payment for Dec.

    I am frustrated because I pay my bills on time. The previous platform/website worked. This joke of a website is unreliable & I don’t trust it. It has caused me such inconvenience. Customer service is not very helpful at all. I will be mailing a check from now on to leave a paper trail of evidence that I paid when I was supposed to.
    Can’t wait to pay this loan off! What a fiasco!

    • I have seen references made to both Nelnet and ACS as the servicers for these loans. I have filed detailed complaints with the better business bureau against both companies. I would have filed against the Dept. of Education itself but could not figure out how to do that (perhaps because it is not a “business”). I suggest that anyone serious about fixing this problem do the same. Posting on this blog has clearly gotten us nowhere. Click on the ‘Older Comments’ and it becomes obvious these problems began with the new website/servicer. Payments cannot simply go unaccounted for without some reprecussions. Multiple civil actions or a class action may be in the future, but for now, please file something with the BBB against the servicer (and against the Department if you can find out how). We need to get some third party’s attention. Just do search for BBB or better business bureau and it will be able to navigate to file a complaint and search by company name. The more details the better. This is absurd.

  26. Ever since ACS took over myeduaccount, my loan payments are not being credited, telephone support personnel say they see my payments and they’ll credit my account shortly (I’ve been told this 3 times in the last month), but they haven’t after 2 months and my account balance is still increasing due to interest. Seeing someone comment that they’ve had no problem brings hope, but ultimately taxpayer dollars are paying for this poorly implemented service.

  27. I have managed fairly well with this new (horrible) website until today when I found my $41,000 balance to be zero. No letter. No electronic notification. No phone call. I suppose they have every right to sell the loan, but would be nice to know. All of that I could handle, except I had 2 automatic payments scheduled and I have no doubt they would’ve taken the payments and no telling how long or if I would’ve gotten them back – especially after reading some of the stories of people having much more serious problems than I. Thank goodness I was randomly checking my online account tonight, 2 days before the 1st payment scheduled and cancelled them (I hope). Through direct loans automated phone system, I find out my loan is now with Mohela. The automated phone system at Mohela says I don’t exist. The Mohela website lets me sign up, and knows my address and phone # without me entering it, but says there is no loan information available. No balance, no due date, and the thing I am interested in – what is the new interest rate???? Direct Loans says the thing was paid off 5 days ago. It is after hours, so some of this will be easier to find out in the morning. And right after that I will be at my terrific local credit union investigating options to shift the balance of this loan to them.
    Bottom line – scurries like a rat, probably is a rat. Direct Loans was good to me, with a really pretty good website I thought from 1999 until October of this year when the website changed. I never had a problem with them and all my information was always there and accurate. What happened? Who decided to change the website? Why? The whole thing seems fishy to me. I hope for all the others out there who are having worse problems than me, that things get better soon.

    • The same thing happened to me on 12/8/2011. Payment history shows a payment for the full remaining payoff balance of my loan but not by whom. My snail mail traffic still goes to my parents’ house in other state so wasn’t aware of anything happening here. I guess I need to phone them and find out if this horrible DoE entity sent out any information on this.

  28. Are they working to resolve it? I have only gotten stock email replies that sometimes marginally relate to my question but never answer it specifically, and speak on the phone with representatives who say they can do nothing because the information is not showing up in their system. I keep sending information to them and pleading to have my account reviewed and updated. Meanwhile, my account balance is increasing, my payment amount remains incorrect and impossibly high, and interest is accruing. I am making payments, but who knows how this will all shake out. I suspect with many of us paying even more in interest and fees.

  29. I received my first (of many I predict) call from bill collectors. I make my payments on time and have not missed one ever. The collector has already started a wage garnishment…before I ever even knew there was an issue. The issue…The Department of Education has not credited my account with payments for over 90 days.
    I was told by one Department of Education employee that there was nothing they could do to stop the garnishment even though the entire issue was their fault.

    So, when you read the “everything will be okay” touchy feely, warm fuzzy statement in the FAQ, don’t be so sure.

  30. My unemployment deferment expired right when they transitioned to the new system. I promptly reapplied and called them up. They said all I had to do was fill out the oline form and that’s it. They gave me a 6 week forbearance. Then, after not hearing them for a while, I applied again and another month goes by. So, I called them and they said I have to send in proof that I’m getting unemployment insurance and gave me another month’s forbearance Well, it’s been two months now and I still don’t have my deferment. I’m wracking up interest big time. I don’t know what to do next when this forbearance expires and they still haven’t approved my deferment. It might be time for a new deferment or I might be working by then.

  31. We are having problems with my wife’s Teacher Loan Forgiveness. We submitted the correct paperwork. All boxes checked correctly to Direct Loans and were told it was approved. Next call speaking to Direct Loans they said 2nd approval needs to come from the Department of Education. After numerous calls to Direct Loans, I find out that they will not deduct the forgiveness until they receive their money from the Dept. of Educ. We are not able to refinance our home due to this and may lose it.

  32. I read these comments and started to laugh. Yes, I was as angry as some of you two days ago. My answer, get a life. So what if the system is incomplete right now. If YOU know what you owe and your home paperwork is organized and current it will all work out. I tried to finish 10 years of putting kids through college by deciding to pay off my PLUS loans only to find that the system won’t let me in. Maybe it is fate and for some reason I am not supposed to pay them off right now. I am not going to let this ruin my day.

    • Wait until your 90 days expires and your “non-payments” hits your credit report. Anymore than 2 weeks of these issues is reason for concern. But of course, you have a “life” so don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t ruin your day – yet.

    • How nice for you if you are not letting this ruin your day. I am, on the other hand, still very concerned. I have a life, thank you very much, which includes a good job. I decided to pay off my loans entirely, in the tens of thousands of dollars. That payment has not been credited to my account, it still shows the full balance due and interest continues to accrue. So you go off and be happy, and I will stay here and try to find out where my money has gone.

    • I see you have never tangled with a government entity that was in the wrong before. This is how it goes…

      1) They throw you in default
      2) They turn you over to a collector
      3) The collector refuses to discuss the “why” or “how” with you
      4) The Department of Education will only refer you back to the collector.
      5) The collector starts wage garnishments
      6) The collector stats administrative offsets
      7) The collector places the default on your credit report.
      8) The collector places collection fees on the account (typically a few thousand dollars)
      9) Your loan interest gets accelerated to the 10 year mark after 90 days.
      10) You are denied consolidation because the loans are in default.
      11) All future student loans and grants are denied based on your default.

      I finally “got a life” after countless days in court, 15 years of fighting with the Department of Education, $30,000 in legal fees and missed work. However, the department of Education FINALLY admitted they WERE in fact wrong. I got the last DoE SNAFU cleared up about 2 years ago…and HERE WE GO AGAIN!

      “IF you know what you owe…” Guess what! The government DOES NOT CARE WHAT YOUR PROOF SAYS. All that matters is what their flaky system says. I hope you never have to go through this nightmare because you are far to naive to survive it.

    • How wonderfully sanctimonious of you. It’s a disappointment that we aren’t all so perfect. I’m no so much angry as frustrated. I truly hope you don’t end up with the problems that many of us have had.

    • I dare say that the comments you see on this website are from good upstanding citizens who are playing by the rules and they are tired of getting screwed without getting kissed. We pay our bills, control our expenses, show up for work, vote etc. I turn we expect others to do the same. In this case the only way to get satisfaction is to get hold of your Congressman, Senator etc and get them involved.

  33. So, I have been checking the website since the 22nd of last month because they said that the payment would be deducted the day after the actual due date. It still has not been deducted, so today I logged on and not only is it showing no balance due but the next due date is 12/21/2013!!!! What the hell is going on?

    Direct Loans, you haven’t taken out any payment for November, I don’t know whether my automatic deduction is still in affect, the only thing that’s been applied is my extra payment I send each month, I still owe money but my next due date is 2 years away?

    I send emails I get no reply except for the automatic response, my credit is impeccable. Let me be clear if I receive any negative feedback because of your incompetence everyone just might be losing their jobs because of a lawsuit. This is ridiculous, I agree that the old system was probably archaic but at least it was user friendly and we were able to get all the information we wanted from it. I am on the verge of paying this loan off and I can’t wait.

    • Janet,

      I have had the exact same problem! I made electronic payment every month (not automated) and since this new website has been put up it has been terrible. My November payment was never deducted (I was given no email saying there was an issue). I called them at the end of November and they said that I needed to make another payment and that the original one wouldn’t be retried. So I made another payment in November. I also made another one in December (as I normally should have) and guess what, absolutely none of them have gone through.

      After my third call to their call center I’m told that is an issue with my bank and that everything is fine until 90 days have past. REALLY?! From my bank account online they haven’t even attempted to withdraw anything and now they are saying that it’s not their fault. The last straw was when the call center rep said that I had to wait until my bank “confirmed refused payment” before I would get any notification from them. Still haven’t gotten one from the Nov. 1st payment I had made. And get this, they cannot confirm on their “system” if payment ever went through for any of it (or why there is a problem if not) so I’m left looking at my bank account balance to see if anything has happened.

      Apparently they didn’t have an issue with cashing my Oct payment via check when their website wouldn’t even let me create a new login, so I guess they will be getting a check from now on. I just hope they don’t overdraw my account in the meantime.

    • Well, that’s it I sent in a final payoff so I can be finished with these people. What a relief and I sent it certified mail so that I will have a record of delivery now lets see how long they take to apply.

      I hope everyone’s problem will be taken care of soon.

      Merry Christmas!

  34. Good news: Myedaccount shows my loan as paid in full.
    Bad news: I haven’t paid it off yet! I owe $25,000 and I WANT to pay it off.

    I have NEVER experienced so many problems trying to pay a bill in my life. I have been paying extra for the past year and half to get this beast off my back. Last month, my autopay didn’t come out because for some strange reason after a month of being up Direct Loans decides that it’s a good idea for borrowers to have to manually go in to the site to tell it not to advance payments. Um – a little warning would have been nice. Now…all of a sudden it’s showing that $25,000 has magically been paid off. I have NO faith that they will be able to resolve this in a reasonable time frame. I have full faith that when they do, they will charge me all of the back interest that I would not have had if they would have accepted my payments when I tried to send them.

    Direct Loans, please fix the system.

    • I try to access to the new web site. But I couldn’t. I called , and a lady told me that I should call my internet provider.I said “WHAT?”????!!!!###@@@

      • Did anyone find out how to resolve this problem? This happened to me as well on 1/9/12. Suddenly everything is paid off. Has anyone tried calling myedaccount and gotten any feedback? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Did someone else buy our loans?…….

  35. They told me that if I keep calling to ask where my 3000.00 payment is that I will be making their job harder and maybe will never find it. they told me to call back in a few months! Okay its been two months. now what. I don’t even know who to turn to..

  36. Add me to the list of frustrated, I made an advanced payment on my account in October and only a portion of it has been applied to my account. Even though I have gotten promises from supervisors that this would get taken care of, it has not.

    When I call I am told this is a payment center issue and to be patient.

  37. The way this whole implementation has gone is totally unprofessional and shows that whoever was in charge of its development and installation doesn’t have the experience or competence required for this type of work. Incompetence bordering on the criminal.

    There is no way that anyone did any serious testing prior to replacing the old site as this site obviously didn’t work from the beginning and is missing or incorrectly displaying account infomation, lacking histories and even something as basic as pdf forms. The previous website was a very functional, well organized and informative system where you could get what you needed – why in the world would you replace it with something that didn’t work from the start and still has no content? If it isn’t broke then don’t fix it!!

    The new site is one travesty, but it unexcusable is the additional failure to acknowledge the failure of the system and not reverting back to the old system until the new one can be fixed – much rather drive my old corolla that runs and gets me where i am going rather than sit in my brand new mercedes that is missing the battery, engine and tires – I guess the folks at ED prefer high pricetag glitzy but non-functional approach – probably trashed the old system before knowing that the new on would work.

  38. Furthermore, it has been 2 months since you rolled out this piece-of-junk system. Two months! What the heck are you doing that you haven’t fixed the deficiencies. By the way, I believe that there is obligation on the part of Direct Loans to post all payment history in my account. I could be mistaken, but I intend to review my contracts with you. Should I find you to be in breach of contract or falsely advertising services, believe me, I will be in touch with my congressman and senators. This is freaking ridiculous!

    • I agree. I have past dues even I already paid them. It has been two months but nothing has been changed yet. They are still keeping quiet….Ridiculous!!!!

  39. The new website is absolutely terrible and not at all user-friendly. None of the forms which used to be available on the left-hand column are accessible in my account in this new system. Also, any of my payment history prior to October 2011 is completely absent. I certainly hope that this only is a prototype, because frankly, the system sucks. If you’re going to do a halfway job of rolling something out, just don’t do it. Give me the old http://www.dl.ed.gov/ website back which – as clunky as it was – actually worked!

  40. I find myself getting very fustrated with the assistance I have received. I have been working since July to get my problem solved. Of course, with the new transition, it seems nothing is getting done to resolve my issue. I have submitted the same document about three times and a response from the organization is still not forthcoming. I just don’t know what do anymore. Help


  42. I contacted the ombudsman. They told me everything was fixed and my payments would be posted within a month. I have payments from October and November that are not showing up on my account. Of course, a month is ridiculous, and I have little faith in that time frame. The next day, I got an email from directloans asking for proof from the bank that the payments have been made. This has been provided once, and the payments show up on their system intermentantly, and on the website not at all. So, I guess we can cross off the ombudsman as a help.

  43. I can’t believe this. They have changed my interest rate 2 points higher,and my principal balance increased by 6,000 in 4 days. I am so frustrated, have called multiple times to get this resolved with no help. This is fraud. Help!!!!

  44. This morning I actually received an email response to one of the many emails I’ve sent (this one I sent on 11/23/11 so it only took them 12 days to response). My problem as I mentioned before is that I had an incorrect past due show up on my account ever since the transition to the Nelnet system. In my email I explained the situation & listed payment information (date it cleared my bank, amount, date it was due, which website I used to make the payment) so they could see that there never should have been a past due.

    This is the email response I received:

    “Thank you for your email inquiry. The payment received in 10/2011 was for October, 11/2011 was for November.
    Did you submit a payment for October earlier? If so please provide the date along with the date that the payment cleared your account.”

    That was it. I don’t even understand what that second sentence means. And I clearly listed payment history for my last 11 payments. I don’t even think they read my emails. And, it seems absolutely crazy that they want me to provide the payment history – shouldn’t they have it?

    I’m almost at the point where I’m just going to pay the past due & get it over with (since I’m one of the lucky ones that’s able to make payments & have them clear my account), but I’ve been holding out on principle.

    • At least you got a response! Whenever I send an email, I get a form-letter response one month later that doesn’t answer my question and invites me to resubmit my email. Forget the fact that the website initially promised a response within three business days. I’ve been through this routine twice already.

      I’ve contacted my senators and congressman, and I encourage everybody to do the same. I really hope congress holds hearings into how mismanaged this process was!

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