ED Working to Resolve Problems with Direct Loan Website

Updated Jan. 5, 4:00 PM ET: The Department’s new Direct Loan Servicing website can be accessed 24 hours a day at www.myedaccount.com.

To help borrowers who are experiencing technical issues when accessing the new website, the Direct Loan Servicing Center has set up a technical assistance call center.  The technical assistance call center will handle inquiries relating to new web account set ups, password resets, and other general questions about getting logged into Manage My Account (MMA) feature of the website.  This special technical assistance call center, 1-888-809-2452, is operational between the hours of 8:00am and 8:30pm ET, Monday through Friday.

Borrowers with any other questions about their Direct Loan account should call the Direct Loan Servicing Center’s main line at 1-800-848-0979. The Direct Loan Servicing Center is operational between the hours of 8:00am and 8:30pm ET, Monday through Friday.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate borrowers’ patience during the Direct Loan Servicing Center’s transition.  Please be assured that no borrower impacted by access issues experienced during the transition will be penalized for late payments or lose any benefits to which they are entitled. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.       I’m having trouble accessing the website and call center.  What’s going on?

The Direct Loan Servicing Center is in the process of transitioning to a new website, www.myedaccount.com.  As a result of the transition, some student loan borrowers were having trouble accessing the site or experiencing extended wait times.  We are aware of these issues and are working to address them.  We will keep you updated as more information becomes available and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

2.       What if I need to make a payment?

Borrowers may choose to mail in their payment or wait until the website is functional to make an online payment.  We understand that this issue has been an inconvenience for our borrowers. We will ensure that no borrower loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

Borrowers who choose to mail their payments can send a check or money order (including their account number) to the following address: 
United States Department of Education 
PO Box 530260 
Atlanta, GA  30353-0260

3.       Will my payment be considered late?

We will ensure that no borrower is penalized or loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

4.       Will I lose any benefits as a result of this issue?

We will ensure that no borrower is penalized or loses any benefit to which they are entitled as a result of this issue.

5.       If I make payments through electronic debit, will my payment be impacted?

Borrowers enrolled in electronic debit do not need to take any action. However, borrowers with an October 7, 2011 debit date may have noticed a slight delay in the drafting of the payment from their bank accounts.  Despite the drafting delay, the effective date of each borrower’s payment will be October 7, 2011.

6.       Should I send my payment in via mail?

Borrowers who choose to mail their payments can send a check or money order (including their account number) to the following address:
 United States Department of Education
 PO Box 530260 
Atlanta, GA  30353-0260

7.       Is the new website, www.myedaccount.com, compatible with all browsers?

 The website is compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0 (and higher), Firefox 3.0 (and higher), Chrome and Safari.

 8.      If I had an account on the old Direct Loan Servicing Center website, will it transfer over to the new site or do I need to create a new account? 

You must register for a new account at the new Direct Loan Servicing center website, www.myedaccount.com to access your account information.  You will no longer use your Federal Student Aid PIN to access information about your loans.

9.        I don’t think I’m receiving e-mails from the new Direct Loan Servicing Center.  What should I do?

The first thing to do is update your e-mail address book.  You may want to add the two e‑mail addresses the Direct Loan Servicing Center will use to communicate electronically with you. The two addresses are dlsc@myedaccount.com and onlinenotice@directloanservicingcenter.org. Doing this will prevent the servicer’s e-mails from being blocked and ending up in a quarantine, spam, junk, or trash folder.

If after adding both addresses to your e-mail address book you are still not receiving e-mails, contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center for assistance.

10.     My account is showing past due, but I am enrolled in electronic debit.  Do I need to send in a payment?

 If you are repaying your loan using electronic debit (the Kwikpay option), the Direct Loan Servicing Center will now debit your bank account on the first business day following your due date.  The Direct Loan Servicing Center will apply the payment to your Direct Loan account with an effective date that is the same as your payment due date.  If you access your account via the website or on our automated voice response system before both the bank account debit and the Direct Loan account payment application occur, your account may appear to be past due.   However, your status will be updated to current as soon as the payment application occurs and will not reflect negatively on your account.   It is not necessary to re-submit or mail another payment.

11.      I received a billing statement from the Direct Loan Servicing Center, but I have electronic debit set up.  Do I need to send in a payment?

No, if you are enrolled in electronic debit, you do not need to send a payment.  Your electronic payment will be applied as scheduled.

 12.    My payment history is no longer available online.  How can I get a copy of my payment history?

Payment history before October 1, 2011, is not available on www.myedaccount.com.  However, you may request that a copy of your payment history be sent to you via U.S. mail.  In order to request your payment history, please contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center at 1-800-848-0979 or send an email using the ‘contact us’ link found on the homepage of the website.


  1. I had quite a bit of trouble getting my updated income statement processed and the correct monthly payment established, jumping from one amount to another. I finally was able to get the correct amount after about 2 months. In the meantime, DIRECT customer service put my loan in admin forebearance. I’m not sure why that needed to be done since I have not missed any payments. I do not want forebearance – just my correct payment based on my income – now I’m concerned that during this forced forebearance, I will lose those months credit towards my public service forgiveness program. Who do I write to document my concerns? I need a valid address tel # & name of individual.

  2. I had problems after making 2 payments in Oct 2011 to pay my loan in full. It even showed paid in full on their loan summary page. Despite removing the Kwikpay option and my bank info, they still debited my account even though the loan was paid in full. After numerous calls trying to get the overpayment back for two months, they refunded the last payment that paid the loan in full. Suddenly my loan again had a balance because they never posted the overpayment they debited my bank for. For 9 weeks they failed to post the payment so my loan would again show paid in full.

    How I solved the problem and so can you??? Contact you U.S. Senator and or Representative with a concise narritive of what the Dept of Ed / loan servicer are not doing. If it comes from your Senator or Rep., the Dept of Ed. has a 30 day period in which to address the issue. Amazingly all problems were immediately addressed.

    • Good to hear you got a response, J. I also contacted by US Rep and they did forward me a response letter from the Dept of Ed. It basically claimed all the problems were unavoidable or user (me) error, but at least it put them on my Rep’s radar and it at least got more of a response than I had ever gotten before. I contacted my Senator but got a stock thanks for contacting us response, so no luck there. Worth trying though.

  3. Here’s how I learned how to always ask for a supervisor… After having my account balance jump $13,000 dollars in one month (due to them switching to the new system), I spent months trying to get the situation solved. They would always admit my account looked weird – would attempt to send it to get solved, but every time it would get canceled. Finally they said it was my job to prove that the balance was incorrect. I sent them proof of payments via bank records, they said they could not figure it out because the statements did not have the year on them. I went back and looked at the statement – they are from a normal bank and are traditional statements with the month/year at the top and then each item has the month and day next to each transaction. Because the year was only at the top, no one at direct loans had the ability to simply scan to the top of the page. Several times they refused to correct anything. The only thing that finally worked was when I asked to talk to a supervisor. She was able to look at the snapshot of my account on the old legacy system and see that I had not taken out any more loans but my payment suddenly jumped $13,000. She escalated it and sent it to payment research. For the first time in months, somebody actually looked at my account and fixed the problem. ALMOST. They switched it back to amount I owed before they switched to the new website but they were missing payments that I’d sent in after that. So I had to AGAIN talk to a supervisor and get them to look at my account again. Finally the website, my account, and my credit report are accurately reflecting the correct amount. This problem started in November and took till February to fix! My advice – ALWAYS ASK TO TALK TO A SUPERVISOR. As soon as you call direct loans servicing center – give them all your info – name, address etc. and then just say I need to talk to a supervisor and they will transfer you right over. Supervisors are the only ones who seem to be able to accurately see your account and help solve issues within a normal time frame. Don’t e-mail because they won’t respond. Send proof of anything via fax or regular mail. Good luck to all of you who are still having problems because I know how frustrating it can be to work with direct loans.

  4. I am so frustrated with this. The government is so inept. There is no since of customer service. I cannot see my account have no idea how to access the site when I call it says expected call wait over 30 minutes. Ridiculous.

    • It’s not the government; it’s a contracted company who is servicing these loans; you’re not speaking with a Government employee but an ACS employee located in a little call center in California. After finding that out, I’m not surprised at this huge mess; I’m guessing they get residual late fees, etc. If nothing else they were the low bidder and you get what you pay for it seems.

  5. Does anyone know what the loan status TRANSFERRED mean? All the sudden all my active loans have that status and I have received any messages about what that means and I don’t want to waste any more time on the phone line than I have already.

    • The same thing happened to me. My loan was transferred. I just discovered this on Monday. There was NO advance notification that I received at all until I saw that the balance had been paid off and showed $0 owed. This is not correct. I called to confirm this on Monday and was informed that my loans had been transferred to another servicer for the U.S. Dept. of Education.

      • transferred means either “transferred” -or paid – it’s a term that can be used for just about any action on an acct. – including consolidation.
        I’m thinking ACS just recently became the contractor & “transferred” refers to the fact that they now service the loan. – Print out all of your statements; keep lots of records this is creeping me out.

  6. I am having the same issue. Payments not being posted since Oct. I think the dept of ed bit off more than they can chew with the new direct loan program . Private companies would never fail to post a payment 3 months after taking the money from my account….they would be sued or out of business.

    • It’s not the Dept of Ed – it’s their private contracted servicer ACS. They answer under the DOEd tel numbers but they are actually a call center in Ca.

  7. I noticed on the summary screen at the new site, my interest wasn’t going down.

    For about three years I’ve been sending in a supplemental check each week to pay down my loans quicker. With the old site, I could pull up my payment history and see exactly how each check was applied to the loans – interest, principal, etc. Each week, the check was properly applied.

    With the new site, after all the “kinks” were worked out (for lack of a better term), my bank account was debited once back in November 2011. Since then, the supplemental checks I send in continue to be applied to my account. However, no payment history has shown up on my account since the first auto debit (KwikPay). Only the last payment received amount and date for each specific loan shows up. The interest continues to accrue, but at least the principal continues to drop. The next due date on the Home page also continues to go up for each check that is applied.

    I finally called the loan servicing center to ask how the supplemental checks were being applied to the loans. According to the representative, ALL of the checks were being applied ONLY to the principal. This was a “courtesy” they said (maybe wording from a note on the account). When I asked about the due date continuing to be pushed back with each supplemental check, I was told it’s because that’s the way the system works. So, I send in a check, it’s all applied to principal, interest continues to accrue because that can only be paid with KwikPay, and the Next Due Date is pushed back.

    When I asked how to make sure my bank account is auto debited via KwikPay, I was told to go to Manage KwikPay, then check “KwikPay Override”. This, I was told, would force my bank account to be auto debited on the date specified each month. I also found, with trial and error, I had to enter an additional payment amount into the text box above the check box to even get the override to work (I think $0.01 would work). Additionally, the representative had to update my Next Due Date to occur next month so all of this would work. I don’t know if the override will work without calling the loan servicing center and talking with a representative.

    Lastly, I asked the representative for a payment history. They said it would take 10-15 business days (I think). No issues there. I was also told that when KwikPay finally auto debits my bank account next month that a statement would be generated. I haven’t had a statement since… well… ever. I hope this is true.


  8. My account online says my payment is suddenly $300 more than it was last month.
    There are five messages in my account mailbox, four of them say, “This message is being process and is not ready to view.”
    The last one – dated January 22nd – says my repayment plan is about to expire.
    My income has decreased as on November 1 and I sent in all requested documentation then. It is February 10 and I just received a response saying “please send in your documentation,” and I’m wondering what the heck they’ve been doing with the last batch of documentation I sent.
    I called and was on the phone for 10 minutes. The recording keeps saying “if you need immediate service, use our voice response system by pressing 1”
    which put me back at the beginning of the queue. It’s been another ten minutes on hold. Still no response.
    For those of us wanting to be in the public service forgiveness program, any month that they don’t track properly means another hassle at the end of the ten year period required to be eligible.
    Class action would be awesome, but if we could afford attorneys, we wouldn’t be in this program!
    I finally got to “three minutes before a rep will be with you” and the phone went quiet. After a two minute pause where I almost hung up, someone answered and promptly put me on hold.

    • Make sure you send any documentation via USPS and have a return receipt requested. They lost the documentation I sent and have only the cover letter I sent with it.

    • Same trouble I had: payment jumped from 380 to 1000. – They claimed they never got my IRS statement of income. I faxed it but I could not make any payment on the site. Then ACS rep told me that they needed to make an admin forbearance. I never stopped making the correct payment- which is simple to calculate & they had calculated over the phone.I still notice a 0 balance but want it ended because I want my payments to count towards my public service plan & defaults & forbearance payment are not counted. argh!

  9. Regarding the issues people have raised with payments not being automatically made via Kwikpay, I’d like to add my two cents. In early October, when I opened a new checking account, I immediately initiated a request for a bank debit change on my Kwikpay page. My new banking information showed up, and I proceeded to check the approval of terms and electronic signature boxes. I submitted them and printed out the confirmation page. Okay. I understood that it might still take a payment cycle or two to take effect. Sure enough, my November, and then my December payments were debited from my old account. After the December payment, I phoned to inquire about the problem. The rep suggested deleting my new account info, and then re-submitting it. She warned that it still may not debit my upcoming January payment … and would I like to get a forbearance (??!!) on that. I said no, and told her that i didn’t understand why either action would be necessary. Result? NEITHER of my checking accounts were debited for my January or February payments. I phoned on Wednesday night, and after waiting for 30+ mins., asked to speak with a supervisor. She informed me that IBR payment program accounts (such as the one I have) **will not accept electronic signatures**… and that she would MAIL to me a form that I would have to fill out… with my complete account and routing number information… and that I should MAIL it back (!). She also informed me that the forms were not available for download on the myedaccount.com site. However, I just checked “my secure messages” and found a downloadable form there. I just printed and faxed it… but I will be surprised to see if it actually does any good. In the meantime, I am paying a higher interest rate without the auto-payment being in place, and another month or two will be added to the 120 “on-time” payments requirement needed to qualify for public service loan forgiveness.

    • That’s what happened to me – the forebearance push (do they get a commission to push off the 120 ppayment forgive program?!)

  10. I went on the website last night to make my payment. My new statement is totally different than my agreed extended payment plan that I have been paying since 2009.
    My last statement is “not available”. My new payments that I had no notice of or agreed to are over $300 more than my last payment. I called and waited 20 minutes to speak to someone and then she could on tell me that she could put in an inquiry and could put me in forebearance for two months so I didn’t have a payment due. Since that was the only choice instead of just making my regular payment I agreed. Now I have moved past shocked and upset to angry. What is going on with them?

    • It seems that they are intentionally looking to increase defaults; Someone needs to check in on ACS. It’s ridiculous that this is so much trouble; none of my other bills have ever been this much trouble & all are online; they seem to be in dinosaur land.. You would think they would get trained in better customer service; you want the customer to have a successful payment – only student loans get rewarded for helping the customer fail at making payments it seems… crazy but look at all the same experiences we are all having.

  11. People should just get a grip. I had a problem that started in October. 2011.I have been working with the Ombudsman.
    Have all your documentation, be business like, be polite and have your stuff in an organized manner.
    They solved my problem, corrected numbers and we are good to go. The problem was sending money and not having posted, also sending a payment money within the 120 days of their disbursment (its not viewed as a payment).

    • well that’s great for you, but our problem isn’t as simple as that–they actually changed the terms of my loan –saying that there’s a ‘bubble’ amount at the end of my ten years which isn’t even close to being 10 years yet and that amount would be approx 1,000.00 so they’re extending my loan 4 more years and raising my payment by $79. First of all there shouldn’t be a $1,000.00 balance and if there was then the amount could stay the same as it is and get paid off in 4 or 5 mths. And now they skipped my February payment due and jumped to March—this was already supposed to have been escalated and it’s worse than ever now —

    • That also depends on if you actually hear from the Ombudsman. I also contacted them in October and never heard back.

    • The ombusdman is also a private contract company: pearson – that is also in the education collections business. It may be worth a try but both these private companies are looking to make a profit but they don’t seem to like admitting who they really are – I don’t get it. If your company is good – you should be proud to say who is doing the work.. very creepy I think

  12. We should all just stop paying. They are committing serious fraud and I believe if they tried to collect on the debt we could prove in court that something is going on with them.

    There CSR constantly make changes to your account and claim they’re fixing things but don’t, they lose forms and information and then pretend you didn’t send them anything, they come up with new requirements each time you call them, but never tell you when you ask them, then they come up with you being late on payments when you never receive mail or the website doesn’t even tell you that you’re late.

    It’s ridiculous, this is how Bank of America was acting on the foreclosures and now they’ve been proven to be frauds in court.

    Student loans are the worst possible thing most young people can do to themselves. Our country appears finished.

    • seriously—consider doing what i’m doing–getting as much documentation together and contacting my rep & senator. we spoke to a supvsr last thursday feb 3rd and she finally said she’d escalate our problem to the website coordinator and we’d hear back no later than monday (feb 6th) –well, it’s thursday and we’ve heard nothing and when i go into the website –it’s not only NOT corrected they are now showing march as our next payment and we haven’t even made february’s payment yet. it skips from january to march. I’m sure if i try and pay february’s bill it’s going to mark it for march and say i’m late with february. we all need to get together on this —flood our reps with calls & e-mails and seriously consider a class action lawsuit.

  13. My account is showing triple of what I owe. Something is terribly wrong. I keep calling the number – it states a recorded message and then it cuts me off.

  14. Check your in-school deferment requests! I sent my end of December and called mid-January to be told it was received but not yet processed. I called today to be told there was no record of it whatsoever and I would have to submit it again. I know it’s frustrating to keep calling and waiting but do so. Otherwise, you’ll never know when they’ve lost your forms.

  15. All of my payments are being allocated to a past date of when i made my first payment in the new system back in october. Moreover, all of my payments are going to the principle and not paying off the interest, so now my interest is just flying through the roof. The worse part of all, i call and get no help what so ever, as all the reps. keep saying they will put a request in the payment center. I think that request form they “supposedly” sent, fell in the trash barrell at the lunch room.

  16. Made two electronic payments, one in October and one in November. Payments cleared the bank within a couple days. The pending payment entries in the payment history disappeared with no indication of payment since. So far after three and four months, there has been no reduction in the principal balance or in the accrued interest balance and the payment history is blank.
    My daughter, who is the student, has been seeing the same exact behavior. Electronic payments made with no indication of payment history and no reduction in balances. Has anyone had the same experience and found a clear explanation of the problem and or found a fix for the problem?

  17. 30 minutes of waiting on the phone to be told “I guess not” in response to me asking “so it couldn’t say you don’t accept payments over the phone at the beginning of the message?????” Who doesn’t accept payments over the phone? I’m mailing in my payoff amount as I refuse to enter any acct info on this site…which brings up the point why do I have to enter anything if Kwikpay is already setup??

  18. I’ve been paying on my loans for 25-30 years, is there an length of time that I will reach when I don’t have to pay any longer?

  19. Site won’t load most of the time I try it…friggin joke. Let’s go from a good system to a bad one – brilliant!

  20. It took them months to put the “Authorized Payer” button on the front page and it still does not function properly. My two children set me up on each of their accounts as an authorized payer, yet when I make a payment, email confirmation of the payment goes to their email address instead of mine, even though mine is entered in my authorized payer profile. Can’t get an answer about why it doesn’t work properly.

  21. I just got a letter my my loan is now being serviced by Mohela. When I log into Direct Loan Servicing it states my loan has been paid off, and NSLDS now lists mohila as my lender/servicer. This really concerns me as I received no advanced warning, and I applied for and received a research loan repayment grant through NIH which states I will be compensated via payments made directly to my student loan begin this March, and my loan must be serviced by Direct Loan Servicing or I will not be eligible for the grant.

    Basically now I am screwed as I can no longer receive the grant because the government decided to sell my loan without my permission or knowledge.

  22. I signed up for Kwikpay 2 months ago and it never deduct payment from my bank. I called customer service. He said if the Kwikpay did not process the payment around the due date, I have to pay manually every month. He explained that Kwikpay cannot process any payment because I am technically past due from Kwikpay own delay…. This did not make any sense at all…

  23. I received tax information report from Direct Loan, but it showed the interest amount which is lesser than the actual interest amount I paid so far. The fact is they just reported the interest amount I paid via new website, but exclude the interest amount I paid via old website for 2011. Did they lose all the records from the old website???? Also, I have overdue balance in new website even though I paid it from old website.

    I could not contact any of representatives to verify. I have no idea what I should do
    :( Is there anyone else having the same tax problem????

  24. This new system is ridiculous. I went to check on the status of my loans and it says they were paid in full on January 19th. It would be brilliant if that were the case… but it’s not! I can’t get in touch with them and my bill is due on the 7th, but it won’t let me pay it since the account has a zero balance. Good grief.

    • Thea same thing happened to me! I went to put my payment in, and it’s saying my loan is “paid in full” on 1/19/12 by “other”. I wish! Now I can’t get a hold of anyone either! What the heck?

  25. Since this website has changed in October, I’m convinced some type of fraud is taking place. My payments have been reversed three times without explanation. Before the third reversal, I printed two loan summary letters (on two separate dates) saying “payment received”. I called on three separate occasions saying that despite what these letters say no payment was drawn from my bank account – one rep said “there’s a problem on our end, this is occurring a lot, so it’s our fault not yours”, another said “as far I’m concerned you are current, call your bank”. My bank said no payment has been requested from them. Today, as I suspected would happen, the account is shown as past due. They say it’s because something is wrong with the routing number or bank number, but they can’t confirm to me what they have on their record because of “Privacy” reasons. And that I should delete my account (A THIRD TIME!) and start again. The supervisor told me the payment center doesn’t take calls, the supervisor said she’ll escalate it to them, but of course can’t send me letter confirm that she would tell them the issue.
    There appears to be no recourse or solution to a clear problem, so therefore need to get an attorney on this…I do believe this warrants a class action suit against whoever is handling this process.

    • SAME EXACT problem with my account. They have not accepted my payments since October.

      Accessed my account back in October and submitted payment, no problem. Then the new website rolled out and haven’t been able to make an online payment since. Each time I submit a payment I received instant notification that my payment was received. Then, the next month I login again to make a payment and I notice that I have a message (not sent to my registered email account or a phone call) informing me that the payment was returned. I submitted payment again, to which I receive instant notification of a successful transaction.

      Yesterday, once again I go online to make a payment and I am confronted with an overdue notice and a hefty amount to bring my account up to date.

      So today I called in an attempt to remedy the problem. I recorded the entire conversation using the app on my cell. The rep simply said that there was no problem on their end and that it was a problem with my bank. I informed her that I have been using the same bank and the same account for the last 12 years and prior to the new “improved” myedaccount site I never experienced a single problem with paying online. The rep confirmed my past payment history was without issue and I was always on time.

      Her solution was for me to send my payment in by mail. I simply told her that was not going to happen. Online payment is an option they offer and it should function exactly as it did under the previous website. She said there wasn’t anything she could do and that I should wait 2 business days to see if the payment gets posted.

      This is entirely unacceptable.

      • I made a payment on 9/7/11, by check, it cleared the bank on 9/12/11, but was never posted to the account. I called in the beginning of Oct 2011 and gave the routing# so they could locate the payment. They kept saying it was a new computer system and they had lots of problems and to allow 30 days. After several phone calls, they finally found the payment in the middle of Dec 2011. Then I was told to allow 30 days for the payment to post. I checked the balance due today 2/5/2012 and the interest has accrued, but the payment has not posted yet.

        • Is ACS reporting that accrued interest as such? – or is that interest lost to ACS when “transferred” to the Dept of Ed? This stinks for many reasons….. what were DC Agency heads doing when they agreed to this DIRECT “improvement”?

    • I have mailed in payments and it is just as bad. I sent in more than the required amount and they don’t apply the extra to my higher percentage rate principal balance. When I call to check if the money has been applied properly they tell me it will take 60 to 90 days to correct it and by that time the next payment is due and I can not trace that the correct amount has been applied to each loan. They are seriously mishandling money and I am considering contacting any and all news agencies regarding this injustice.


      • you already took out of our Bank account, my husband first payment, and according to you, my husband had not made any payment. I, also had give you the authorization to get the payments out the our account when ever the payments are due. Im also concern about you penalizing my husband for not making payment, but in reality is you peoples’s fault. please solve this problem as soon as possible. if you need to call, call me. or take the payments out the Bank immediately. Thanks so much.

      • The DOE needs to cancel their contract with ACS – if they were servicing mortgage loans or car leases, they would be out of business! It’s 2012 – even a 12 yr old can set up a pay account business with less trouble! ACS – wake up!

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