Join Arne for a Virtual Town Hall on Hispanic Education

To kick off the Administration’s focus on Hispanic education as a part of Hispanic Heritage Month, Secretary Duncan will engage with the Latino community through a virtual town hall at 2:30 p.m. ET today. The town hall will be moderated by Juan Sepúlveda, the executive director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. Duncan and Sepúlveda will discuss how Hispanic success in education is important to America’s economy and respond to questions submitted on Twitter.

The town hall will be streamed live at ED’s ustream channel. Twitter users can ask questions in advance and during the forum using the hashtag #HispanicED.


  1. According to statistics from the US Census Bureau, Hispanics comprise over 11% of the U.S. population, it is the largest and fastest growing minority. Students who speak English as a second language represent a growing proportion of the student-age population in the United States. Spanish is for all practical purposes the unofficial 2nd language of this country. Due to the unbelievably fast growth rate of this grouping, it is necessary that education issues affecting these people be addressed.

  2. The Latino students with federal disabilities are less likely to graduate when school districts do not fully implement the IEP for instructional modifications. Least restrictive environment does not mean inclusion in regular education with lower expectations for academic success. Students with ADHD or Autism often require smaller class size, more flexibility in movement and various methods of instructional delivery. These tools and strategies for research based success cost more money. Districts don’t want to invest or don’t have the funds to implement. It is well documented that 60 % of students with disabilities are also bullied and harassed at school. Latino parents are less likely to know how to advocate for their children’s rights. Even if they do complain of discrimination the districts rarely respond. This results in the School to Prison Track of countless Latino students with learning disabilities. Our federal government MUST hold the school districts accountable for the DISPROPORTIONATE number of Latino students with disabilities dropping out or pushed out via School to Prison Pipeline! Padres Unidos California

  3. Mr. Arne Duncan what are you and the Obama administration doing about what is going on in Alabama and Georgia. Many Latino students and families are leaving schools and not getting the education they need and deserve. Are you finding ways to assure Latino students and parents that they can still access public education, which all students have the right to.

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