Investing in Education in Every State and District

In September, President Obama introduced the American Jobs Act, which among other key investments to create jobs would invest $30 billion to repair and modernize public schools and community colleges and $30 billion to keep hundreds of thousands of teachers from facing layoffs.

But how would that really affect you? Earlier today the Department of Education released two interactive maps that will show you what the American Jobs Act could do for your state and local school district.

In conjunction with the new interactive maps, the Obama Administration also released a new report today that provides an analysis of the condition of America’s schools, which have fallen into disrepair, as well as the difficult budget environment facing school districts and teachers nationwide.

Read the Education and the American Jobs Act: Creating Jobs through Investments in Our Nation’s Schools report.

American Jobs Act: Impact Per State

American Jobs Act: Estimated Impact Per District

For full details, a searchable district listing and data download, visit And click here for more information about the American Jobs Act.


  1. Educational Initiatives and their execution seems to lack facilitation. Once the programs or plans are made, who carries them out?…how can we find a status on them?…how do the teachers that might be able to take advantage of these initiatives take advantage of them?…is there a clearinghouse or a phone number to call?…hello, my name is Jordan, I am an unemployed teacher in Florida but can’t find a job? Can you help me? 1/10/2012
    Who can I call?

  2. Education is essential for everyone. Its the responsibility of not only the parents but also the government to provide fundamental education to the children as they are the future of that country.

  3. I think this is something that could help our educators but we need to keep an open mind about having politics entering such a delicate subject but all schools in across the country need help. We need to help save education by saving the jobs of teachers all across America because without teachers our students will lose out.

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