Welcome to Homeroom

All through high school my homeroom teacher was Mr. Fontana, the school’s pottery and art teacher. My most vivid memories of homeroom include Mr. Fontana’s beard and the overwhelming smell of clay. I also remember that Mr. Fontana’s homeroom was an important source of new information and resources, where my classmates and I learned about new school initiatives, received key updates from the principal, and were provided with the tools and resources to help us succeed.

We’re hoping that you find the same value in ED’s Homeroom, the new name for the Department of Education’s blog. From our Homeroom, we will continue to provide important updates from the Department, as well as new resources and announcements that could impact you at the local level. We encourage you to join the conversation in the blog’s comments and check back often to keep up to date with everything happening at ED and in schools and communities around the country.

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Cameron Brenchley is ED’s Director of Digital Engagement.


  1. I am still mystified that since I worked at Florida State on the Elementary Teacher Education Model Project in 1968 (Oh, My, really that long ago?) under a Title III grant where we so fervently stated that all teachers should be prepared to differentiate instruction (then called individualized instruction) we still are mostly using one book for all students, teaching to the middle, using standardized tests instead of IEPs, and comparing kids against one another rather than with their own progress. We CAN do this!

  2. Congratulations ED! As a former appointee and careerist at ED, the Department has come leaps and bounds in terms of openesss and willingnesss to share. A+ homeroom! Keep it up!

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