Making College More Affordable

Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan are traveling the country hosting conversations nationwide addressing the cost of college tuition and student debt on American families.

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  1. If the leaders are so worried about families being strapped with college debt, then why is college necessary to survive. The first thing addressed is not following your dreams but, how much money you can achieve the higher your degree. You’re going tell people that without college, you might as well quit life because you’re not going to be able to pay for your life. If education is really the answer, then why doesn’t anyone know how to properly educate the people? In Ohio, Governor John Kasich stated there are over 70,000 jobs available that are unfilled because employers state that not enough workers are qualified. Most of the area colleges have record enrollment; therefore, having record graduation rates. If we have all these college grads, why aren’t there qualified workers? The leaders would have you think that the only jobs worth a damn are in engineering. Two of the top professions with the top median earnings are in petroleum engineering and pharmaceuticals. This goes to show you what is important to them. What is going on that has made them so crazed about everyone having degrees. What is in it for them? I made a horrible decision to return to a school in my mid-30’s. I wasn’t making money so I decided on school. What a mistake! I can’t pass Algebra (which I have never used in 40 years of my life) and after a 3.5 average, I’m probably not going to even get my associates. I’ve been pretty much a “lifetime” student of 5 years for a 2 year degree as I have to work full time. Thats another issue not addressed is all the 40 and 50 year olds back in college. We are looking at lifetime education folks and the only one that won’t make any money on it is me. Remember, the problems dealing with the economy is not about unskilled labor. The mess is being created by the college graduates. We need to remember that education was created by wealthy people looking for proletariats to do their labor for a stipend. Not much has changed. Believe it or not, I got that out of a college textbook. If the leaders were really concerned with putting people to work, than college would be free to all and programs would be tailored to job needs as opposed to blanketing courses with absurd math and science requirements. If I could spend my time learning more about percentages and statistics which are related to algebra; however, more tailored to what I’m in school for, I would probably have a better math grade without learning more algebraic terms geared more for a job in engineering or physics which is not my passion.

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