Budget Questions? Join Asst. Secretary Carmel Martin for #AskED Twitter Q&A


Yesterday, the Obama Administration released its 2013 budget request, which included new investments in education. The budget seeks to make college more affordable, align job training and education with the demands of the workforce, and elevate the teaching profession. Click here to find out what this means for you.

On Friday at 1 p.m. ET, join ED’s Assistant Secretary for Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development, Carmel Martin for a Twitter Q&A on the 2013 budget.

Ask your questions at any time before or during the Twitter Q&A using the hashtag #AskED. Asst. Secretary Martin will answer your questions live through the @usedgov Twitter account. Following the event, you can find a summary of the Q&A session at ed.gov/blog.


  1. Community colleges are public institutions. Will private institutions, such as proprietary business schools, that offer similar short-term vocationally oriented programs also be eligible to participate in this Fund?

  2. It is better to do nothing than spend $5 billion doing the wrong things.

    Schools should not be putting good teacher applicants through a living hell over ONE point on a Praxis test. Legislators should listen to teacher applicants who complain about this process.

    States should not be charging applicants an additional $1200 in fees for “tuition” in order to get a license, especially in critical areas like math and science. To the extent that the Departments of Education, both Federal and State are an obstruction to good teachers, they should be restrained or closed completely.

    The last screwup we need is to see lousy teachers being labeled as outstanding and given huge salaries when they are merely political hacks and cronies, while excellent teachers get sent on their way or excluded due to a single test score or a weird pedagogical review.

  3. In a global economy investing in a quality education and workforce development is essential and urgent. I strongly support the President and his administration in this effort. I personally believe that community colleges will play an increasingly important role in providing skills training for current and future livable wage earners. We need to invest and focus on working closely with industry and businesses to ensure that they have access to a qualified workforce. This is important and urgent. Besides, our workforce need to have access to continuous learning and skills training to stay current and competitive in their field. Please provide information on how this will be accomplished in the next budget cycle.
    Jane Crothers

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