Join the Teaching Ambassador Fellows for a Virtual Information Session about the Teaching Ambassador Fellowship Program

“We have a set of amazing teachers each year who spend a year with the Department and help drive our policy discussion…I have come to rely on the Teaching Ambassador Fellows for their invaluable feedback and their ability to facilitate dialogue with teachers across the country.” – Secretary Arne Duncan

Join the U.S. Department of Education’s Teaching Ambassador Fellows on Tuesday, February 7th at 7pm EST for a one-hour webinar discussion about the Teaching Ambassador Fellowship program and application process. In this webinar, you will hear an overview of the program, gain insight into the work of current and past Fellows, and have the opportunity to ask questions about the Fellowship and the application process. Your internet accessible computer and telephone are all you will need to participate in a virtual info session.

To register, please send an email to, with the subject line: “Webinar.” Please provide questions that you would like to make sure we address in this email. We will reply with the web address and log-in and call-in information for the session.


  1. Good morning Susan,

    Tenure tends to be granted legislatively on a state-by-state basis so the answer to your question depends on where you are. Here in Virginia the Teachers and Administration subcommittee is planning to vote on the issue tomorrow at 7:30 AM. They were originally scheduled to vote last week but VEA staff attorneys raised the very pertinent question of tenure or “continuing contract” as it is called here, possibly being defined as a property right. Therefore once it is granted it cannot legally be taken away without due process. So we could end up with a situation where current teachers retain continuing contract status while new teachers sign a different type of contract. As a lawyer currently working as a Title I teacher and advocate, I am continually shocked at the myriad civil rights violations and liability risks that teachers across the country willingly and silently endure on a daily basis. They do this because of their love for children and their committment to the future of this country. We are working very hard to educate members of the committee and are urging them to very carefully consider the detrimental impact that removing continuing contract protections will have on our ability to attract and retain high-quality teachers in Virginia. I encourage you to learn more about this issue in your state and become involved if you have not already done do. If you are a public school teacher yourself I thank you for your service and stand with you. If you are not I strongly recommend that you spend time with a local educator, perhaps even shadow one for a day so that you can have a glimpse of the realities that they are dealing with, particularly those in underserved communities. The media offers a very limited purview of what is really going on in our schools and this contributes to the enormous misconceptions about what tenure is and who it actually is designed to protect. Thank you for your continued concern for the best interests of our children.

    Kelle Stewart, J.D.
    President, Apple Tree Network for Public Schools
    Member/Consultant, Portsmouth Education Association

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