Kicking Off National School Counseling Week

Secretary Duncan speaks at the School Counselor of the Year awards

Secretary Duncan speaks at the School Counselor of the Year awards ceremony. Official Department of Education photo by Paul Wood.

National School Counseling Week runs from Feb. 6-10, and to kick things off, Secretary Duncan spoke at the American School Counselor Association’s annual gala last Friday. Duncan thanked school counselors for their hard work, and praised them for the difference they make in the lives of America’s students.

Secretary Duncan also met with and congratulated School Counselor of the Year Nicole Pfleger and five other finalists. “I know how good counselors are,” Duncan said to the group. “And for you to be the best of the best is really amazing.”

Duncan followed up his speech by issuing a statement earlier today recognizing National School Counseling Week.

I want to salute the thousands of professionals across the country engaged in school counseling. Every day, these unsung heroes in American education help millions of students sidestep the roadblocks of life. They help them succeed, achieve their dreams, reach their potential, explore their curiosity and more.

Click here to read the entire statement.

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  1. Thank-you for acknowledging the hard work of school counselors. Spreading the message of the important role school counselors play and the difference they make in students lives is critical nationwide. Counselors in schools are often used as “administrative clerks” and test coordinators, and that leaves little time to really make the impact counselors are capable of making in the lives of students. Hopefully the recognition from Secretary Duncan will be carried by other leaders that may help establish school counselors true role- to work with students and helping them succeed!

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