What Happened in February at ED?

In the February edition of “School Days,” the U.S. Department of Education’s monthly video journal, President Obama names the first states to receive flexibility from the requirements of No Child Left Behind, Secretary Arne Duncan visits the Green Schools National Conference, the Administration proposes new education investments in the Fiscal Year 2013 budget, and ED unveils the RESPECT project aimed at transforming the teaching profession – and lots more.  Don’t miss clips from the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Watch “School Days”:

Click here for an alternate version of the video with an accessible player.


  1. As a mother of four, I’m more than just a little annoyed that Jon Stewart and The Daily Show are featured anywhere on this blog. I take the education of my children very seriously. The federal govt. condones this? I think I will cancel my subscription to these “educational updates”. Seems to be a waste of time.

    • Seems like you might be able to lighten up just a bit, Lisa.

      I would hardly call 15 seconds at the end of a six minute post “featured.”

      Also, you may not have noticed, but Jon Stewart was actually pointing out the irony of everyone heaping praise on someone like Jeremy Lin (also a Harvard Grad) and holding him up as a role model, rather than Duncan, who is doing real good for our nation.

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