Join @FAFSA for #AskFAFSA Office Hours with Career Expert, Lindsey Pollak

In honor of National Financial Literacy Month, @FAFSA will hold a special #AskFAFSA Office Hours with guest host Lindsey Pollak, a bestselling author, keynote speaker and internationally recognized expert on next generation career trends.

We’re excited to have Lindsey join us at such an important time. Not only is it National Financial Literacy Month, but with graduation season a short time away, Federal Student Aid wants to help students think about getting a job, earning a salary, and of course, repaying student loans.

This month, we’re switching things up a bit. Instead of our traditional #AskFAFSA Office Hours, on April 25th at 4pm ET, Lindsey (@LindseyPollak) will join @FAFSA for a “Twitterview”, or an interview on Twitter. We’ll ask Lindsey for advice on researching and applying for jobs and @FAFSA will give you information and tips for managing and repaying your student loans after graduation.

Before the Twitterview, we need your help coming up with questions for Lindsey! Whether you have questions about finding a job you’ll really love or making your student loan payments more affordable, we want to hear about it.

Here’s how it works:

  • Starting today, you can send us your career and loan repayment questions on Twitter. Make sure to include the #AskFAFSA hashtag in your tweet.
  • On April 25th at 4pm ET, tune into the live event by following the #AskFAFSA hashtag on Twitter.
  • At the end of the hour, Lindsey will answer questions from our virtual audience. You can send your questions to @FAFSA starting today.
  • Can’t make the live session? A summary of the “Twitterview”, including the full Q&A, will be posted on the Storify and the blog following the event.

We hope you’ll join us on April 25. In the meantime, check out these 40 money management tips every college student should know (pdf).


  1. Hi,

    I am planning to enroll into a graduate program, but just started paying back my federal loans in December 2011. Are my federal loan payments deferred while I am in school, again?


  2. I wanted to get access to my FAFSA application my pin do not work. I cannot enter my FAFSA Application.

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