Teacher Appreciation Week Gets Underway

“Whatever we do to strengthen and elevate the teaching profession, we should bear in mind that reforms that fail to heed the voice of teachers are doomed,” Secretary Duncan said in a Huffington Post article to kick off Teacher Appreciation Week.

Duncan noted how important it is that we ask teachers how the profession should be changed, and that the Department of Education wants to hear directly from teachers, particularly on a proposed $5 billion competitive program of the Obama administration to strengthen and elevate the teaching profession. The program is called the RESPECT Project, which stands for Recognizing Educational Success, Professional Excellence and Collaborative Teaching.

As part of Teacher Appreciation Week, a vision document for reforming the teaching profession has been posted for public comment on the Department’s website, and will be available for comment until June 19.

Secretary Duncan is also asking that you join him tomorrow, Teacher Appreciation Day, and donate your Facebook status to a teacher who has made a difference in your life, and thank a teacher on Twitter by using the hashtag #ThankaTeacher.

Throughout the week we’ll be highlighting videos of people from around the country thanking teachers for making a difference in their lives. Today we heard from Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mayim Bialik, a PhD and actor on “The Big Bang Theory, as well as Jamie Hyneman from TV’s MythBusters.

Watch our Thank a Teacher video playlist:


  1. Good teachers are often fired while bad teachers make teacher-of-the-year.

    America’s eighth-graders are falling behind in science.

    The assumption that teachers can be “trained” in teaching science is wrong. If they don’t have a scientific mind, university workshops aren’t going to put it there.

    Real science teachers are driven away because of politics, the higher priority of state championships with football and because people smart in science don’t always “play along to get along.”

    Most of the emphasis is on special education, English as a Foreign Language and state “frameworks.” Little time is allowed to teach people what they actually need to learn to be scientists, mathematicians or technicians.

    It is all about falling in line with the principal’s or school district administistrator’s wishes. They simply live in fear of parents or run schools like Gestapo.

  2. Thank you for the chance to publically appreciate teachers who have had a tremendous impact on my life and my teaching, The National Council of Teachers of English and more specifically its Wisconsin affiliate. From mentoring me through my early years providing conferences and online support to supporting me in personal and professional ways through three decades, the leaders and members of NCTE have taught me not only how to be a better teachers but a better person as well.

  3. Any response as to why the White House proclaimed this week “National Charter Schools Week” ? This has peeved many teachers; it’s Teacher Appreciation Week! Even if they don’t see eye-to-eye on charters, at least don’t be so tone deaf as to ignore the important task of a Pres. proclamation for Teacher Appreciation Week. I see that that DofED has been doing more about T.A. Week on your site; kudos! But can you ask for a proclamation from the WH? It might put out a few fires. Thanks.

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