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The Department of Education is proud to announce the launch of a new parent web page that provides resources aimed at parent and family engagement. This new addition to ED’s site is an excellent resource for those interested in learning more and getting involved in their child’s education. To make it even simpler, here’s a list of some of the great things this new page has to offer:

School Crosswalk Sign1.     On the Blog

Find links to posts on ED’s Homeroom Blog that deal specifically with parents, families, and engagement.

2.     Email Updates

Enter your email address to receive updates from ED’s parent engagement team.

 3.     Parent and Family Involvement Topics

The parent page provides a list of links to a number of parent and family involvement topics, such as special education, college, bullying, Promise Neighborhoods, and more.

 4.     Further Resources

Click on any of the links below the Resources subheading to learn about how to collaborate with ED or to participate in family engagement in other ways, like ED webinars or parent forums. You will also see links to our publications and newsletters focused on parents and families, such as Parent Power and Engaging Families.

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Alexandra Strott is a student at Middlebury College and an intern in ED’s Office of Communications and Outreach


  1. What would you do if the bullying came from a teacher and this teacher is actually a “gifted teacher” who singled out your child for whatever reason. My child was friendless through her entire elementary school years. Her IQ was so high they couldn’t tell me what it was. In class everyone always looked to her for all the answers until the 5th grade. In 5th grade they chose to study Art History which is a topic she hated. I was told she had psychological issues and needed a psychiatrist because she couldn’t answer their questions anymore. My child later, after the school year was finished, said she hated the topic and just didn’t pay any attention. The teacher wasn’t making it interesting or challenging her. Now, in the Early College Program, as an 11th grader, she is into sculpting, painting, pottery, drawing and so much more and this teacher had the gall to tell me my child needed therapy. She couldn’t relate to any of the kids her own age because of the intellectual barrier and now she has blossomed because she is surrounded by things that interest her and people who are on her level of intelligence. Some teachers should not be teaching children. I as an adult can deal with the hateful treatment that woman gave me for whatever reason but it is unconscionable for her to teach children anything. I hear she has retired and I hope she stays retired without a pension from our taxes.

  2. I have had several abusive incidents with my children s school and there seems no where to turn teachers bulling my kid and now asked if she is wearing a bra told to change her shirt and try on the extra bras the school has there ? isnt this wrong??? my daughter says she feels violated

    • If the school thinks your daughters attire is not within the scope of their dress code then they need to call the parents to come get the child so they can change. No teacher should tell a child they should put on someone else’s underwear, which is pretty gross personally. The guidance department or priciple should be aware of the incident and if you get no satifaction there then go to the Superintendent. If there is still nogthing done and it continues to happen the school board would be my next visit.

  3. Thumbs Up on the parents & families page!

    It has the promise of both keeping

    A parent from believing they “are the only one…”

    As well as keeping

    Education professionals informed about the issues important to parents & families!

    Congratulations on a great idea!

  4. I just read awesome book that every parentsprincipals and teachers need to read on engaging parents. “The 21st Century Parent Multicultural Leadership Handook. This book is packed with tips for parents, principal and teachers, resource tools and invaluable guide for engaging parents. The 21st Century Parent reveals how to build strong collaboative relationship and offer practical advice for improving interaction between parents and teachers from insuring that parents are constructive and inclusive to navigating the complex issues surrounding diversity in classroom and how parents can be transformative change agents for their children. This book was written by parents who students attend low-performance schools, but were able to make a Social reform for the betterment of improving students achievement.

    Mary Johnson

  5. Last week my daughter missed a day of school due to sickness.the following day she returned to school.she came home from school upset and embarrassed. Brooklyn has a hearing impearement in her right ear so sometimes you have to repeat yourself for her to get it.anyway,the teacher was explaining to her about what she wanted her to do and Brooklyn told me that she didn’t understand exactly what the teacher wanted.something about writing in her planner and that she put it in the wrong space.she then took Brooklyn in the corner and informed her that she has 2bermise students in her classroom that can hardly speak English and they are doing better than her and then grabbed her chin and said, Are you going to do better tomorrow? Brooklyn is 8years old and for the teacher to do this to her was humiliating for her.there were kids who seen this happen ,the of the girls who saw this went home and told her parent,her parent happens to be on the school board.Brooklyn didn’t want to return to school the next day because she is embarrassed. what do I do?

  6. This blog is greatly appreciated. However, as strange as it may seem, there are a lot of parents who truly appreciate face-to-face interaction. For that reason, our school-community coalition is opening its doors to have monthly forums on parent engagement and discussions to include: their children’s academic and social progress; tips on establishing relationships with teachers and administrators; and, validating involvement/engagement other than volunteering in the school. Finally, our group also sponsored the 4th annual summer learning program in an apartment complex located across the street from a Title I school. I would like to know how this grassroots organization can get support from the Department of Education. Sometimes the proverbial “sandbox” is not inclusive of everyone who wants to play.

  7. In reading your second newsletter “Engaging Families”. Can you explain why their are no Regional members of ED’s Family Engagement Team covering California? Is this an oversight on behalf of the department. Would welcome a reply on behalf of the 1400 parent members of the California Title I Parent Union

  8. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth school districts and is appalled to learn that my 3 yr old grandson is not eligible to go to “Head Start” because he is not bilingual. I was also told that education is “free to all kids whether they are here legally nor not” (which is not right). What documentations are they giving to qualify. My grandson only speaks english and I would like for him to learn spanish, why is there no such Head Start programs for that. I am very upset as a taxpayer and my daughter who can no longer afford to pay over $500 every 2weeks daycare for him. My grandson won’t be 4 til April 2013 and I was told not eligible for Pre-K. I filed for a grant to go to school and never got a response back, then I find out that the county I live in has a high percentage of illegal aliens with grants. All the paperwork, tax info I had to fill out, how do they have a social security number and tax fillings to be eligible for grants. What help can my daughter and grandson get as an American taxpayer subsidizing these same programs. What happened to “No Child Left Behind”…my grandson wil be!!!!!! I love all of God’s people and no racism! I want mine to have the same opportunities as all others.

  9. I have a son who has just started college. In the months prior to him going to college, I have had numerous problems with the school(Indiana State University). When I call the President’s office of the college, I am never connected to him but to his “second’s in command” whom are no help and never resolved the issues. I have spoken with numerous people in the financial department and housing because these were the two departments that I have had so much trouble with. When I talked to the financial aid director and told him I was going to be contacting the US Department of Education he replied, ” I don’t care. Do what you like.” Who opposes sanctions on universities such as Indiana State University? Especially if they are minorities? Thank you.

  10. My son has been going to a school that he transferred to two years ago (woodlake elementary on southgate rd in sacramento, CA. He was transferred due to the NCLB act school of choice. His home school was Michael J Castori on South Ave. in Sacramento, CA. Now, his 3rd year beginning at Woodlake elementary (2nd week of school), I am told there is no available transportation to get him from his home school to Woodlake and back. I was told by the transportation department that transportation was my responsibility. That’s not what the NCLB act states. The personnel in the front office at Woodlake elementary could care less. I am a tax paying citizen and I work to support my child. They are very rude in that office. What can I do about getting transportation to get him back and forth to Woodlake?
    Thank you for your time.


    • From my understanding the school district is required to provide transportation if the school is currently on the schools in need of improvement list. The school district would need to continue with transportation for the remainder of that school year. Should the school come off of the schools in need of improvement list they are no longer required to provide transportation. The child can continue to attend that school until they age out of it (example; the school provides k-6th grade-If the child enters the school in 1st grade, the school comes off the list when the child is in 2nd grade, the child can stay in the school until they finish 6th grade). But again the school does not need to provide transportation once they are off the list.

    • Frances,

      Thank you for your question, I’m following up via email.

      Cameron Brenchley
      Office of Communications and Outreach

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