Call with Funder Community Regarding i3 Matching Grants

On Friday, Nov. 9, the Department of Education hosted a conference call for education funders with Assistant Deputy Secretary Jim Shelton and Associate Assistant Deputy Secretary Nadya Dabby to discuss the announcement of the 2012 Highest Rated Applicants (HRAs) for the Investing In Innovation Fund (i3) fund.

Jim Shelton and Nadya Dabby talked about the unique funding opportunity in which foundations and business can help these 20 applicants secure matching funds by Dec. 7, 2012. As Jim noted on the call, the i3 program is helping to build “a very different infrastructure for how we find solutions to education’s most specific challenges.”

For more information, please refer to the Nov. 8 press release of the highly-rated applicants and the i3 homepage.

Read the transcript, or listen to the call Audio icon.

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  1. How can we have our name put on the list to then be apart of the phone calls instead of receiving the information after the fact?

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