ED Contributes to Improving Government Efficiency

In 2009, President Obama introduced the SAVE  (Securing Americans Value and Efficiency) Award. The award is a way for federal employees to share their ideas on how to improve government’s performance and to ensure that we’re spending taxpayer money in the most efficient way possible.

Fred Winter

Fred Winter, who works in the Department's Office of Postsecondary Education, was recently announced as one of four finalists for President Obama's SAVE Award.

Since the program’s introduction, federal employees–including many at the Department of Education–have submitted tens of thousands of ideas that have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars of savings and better efficiency and effectiveness across government.

Today, the White House announced the four finalists for this year’s SAVE Award, and we’re proud that ED’s Fred Winter has been chosen as a finalist for this year’s award. Winter, who works in the Office of Postsecondary Education, proposes that all Federal employees who receive public transit benefits shift from regular transit fare to the reduced senior fare as soon as they are eligible. In the D.C. area, this change would lower the cost of the employee’s travel by 50 percent, with no loss in the effective benefits for the employee.

Click here to read about the other finalists, and you can vote to select this year’s winner at whitehouse.gov/save-award.


  1. Postsecondary, Higher Education, SEA, SLS, SFA…What? Maybe if the ED stopped playing switcharound and paid closer attention to the facts, there wouldn’t be so many problems W/student loans..as for collectors contracted by the ED; they aren’t trying to do nothing that all the other collection co. haven’t done..LINE THEIR POCKETS! When government offices grow larger and larger so does the problems. One hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing as far as the ED goes..not good!

  2. ED contributes to government waste and abuse, nothing else. They are under constant Management Challenges because they don’t know what the heck they’re doing. Get a student loan and you’ll soon find out just how they contribute to government efficiency. One office blames the other, that’s why ED keeps growing, so they can continue to abuse the system and pass on the blame. Student borrowers and lenders are taking the fall, your right Steve!

  3. Hey Mack, Bill, and senseless others, get with the program, the ED as been garnishing wages from borrowers for years, they need the IRS to give them permission. Did you not get the memo? ED is above the law..really want to know where all that taxpayer money goes?? Check the pockets of the people that run the student loan operations at the ED, and I’m not talking about the lenders. Get the facts about the abuse and waste that goes on inside the ED, it’s only growing bigger each day so they can shift the blame..their pockets are overflowing with fraud at our expense. The ED can’t manage a toothpick never mind student loans, it’s their mistakes that are causing the loan forgivness, and the lenders are paying for all those mistakes.

  4. “ensure that we’re spending taxpayer money in the most efficient way possible.”

    Then stop giving out student loans without the strict guidelines lenders in others industries have.

    The DOE has made it a priority to keep this disgrace hidden from taxpayers by offering years and years of forbearance and deferments along with IBR, ICR and PAYE programs along with possible loan forgiveness or discharge options. No other lender offers or promotes the get out your obligation options for years like Mr Duncan and company. The trillion dollar tax payer nightmare created by the DOE and Wall Street

  5. If you really want to be efficient, maybe look at some of the recovery processes on the defaulted student loans. A huge savings may come in the form of having the IRS release all current work information to the student loan collectors. The money can be recovered thru Administrative Wage Garnishment, if they don’t choose to repay thru the loan rehabilitation program. This could bring in millions of dollars each year. Is it too much to ask to have the government agencies work together for the good of our people?

  6. Innovative idea. Its a good start. I wonder how many ideas actually get implemented and for how long. Striving to increase efficiency is a step in the right direction.

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