Top 4 Ways (Digitally) to Join Our Back-to-School Bus Tour

Bus PictureSecretary of Education Arne Duncan has repeatedly said that the best ideas come from schools, districts and states – not from Washington. Starting this morning, Duncan hits the road in the Southwest during his fourth back-to-school bus tour to visit schools, hold town halls, and listen to teachers, parents, students and members of the community.
This year’s tour, entitled Strong Start, Bright Future, will highlight the importance of ensuring that all students benefit from high-quality educational opportunities.
The five-day tour will take us to New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and California (see our interactive map of all the stops), and if you can’t make it to one of the events, here are four ways to stay digitally connected to the tour:
1. Twitter 
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4. Blog
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Cameron Brenchley is director of digital strategy and is blogging and tweeting his way from the bus during ED’s annual back-to-school bus tour.


  1. I am appalled at how the children aren’t being encouraged to take notes, read the chapter, answer questions, take tests. What I’m seeing are photocopied pages given to the children and calling them interactive notebooks. You can not retain information if you do not reinforce it through reading, writing, and studying. Do not dumb down the kids just because you want to make sure they only get the information that is on the tests. This is the second year my children have attended public school, I am disappointed in our system.

    • I agreed totally . when i was going to school in Nigeria , every body helped to see that education is a shared effort . the teachers most have to go through the test book first and then put it out to student in way they will understand it. in form of ” NOTE “TAKING. and student in turn will have some thing to do which is take notes. this notes and the test book will help the student as he/she prepared for exam or test. It is a proving research that most student learn or remember what they put/write down . what is a student with out writing?. writing helps a student to be a good writer.student these days don’t want to be boarded with writhing all because we give them hand out or what ever you call it. “NO” let them do it so that they will be up and doing .

  2. COMMON CORE’S lack of FACTUAL information, especially within the “History,” section is nothing short of an atrocity, for ALL AMERICAN “children!!” Parents REALLY need to engage the blade and take “control,” of what the “local schools are NOW basically FORCE feeding our young!” Our young are OUR VERY FUTURE, wake up AMERICA!! Please do that for the “love of you CHILD!”

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