Government Shutdown

The Department of Education is now open for normal business operations. Employees should report for duty on Thursday, October 17, 2013. Office Heads are authorized to grant employees up to 4 hours of administrative leave for delayed arrival after their regular arrival time. Supervisors are encouraged to support unscheduled leave and/or telework requests for October 17th, when practical. Employees who were scheduled to be on approved leave or have a regular alternative work schedule (AWS) day off on Thursday, October 17, should not report unless they are notified otherwise by their supervisors and should report for work on the business day they are scheduled to return from leave or the next business day after their AWS day off.


  1. The government shutdown is a conspiracy. we have back ups and plenty of money. China doesn’t care obviously because they just bought a set of Islands between them and Japan. They don’t tell us where our money went. I am a college Veteran student, and lost $3,000. If I did, I can imagine how much money people all over our Country, in rural Arizona desert, to South Dakota, all over. It is sad. If it went to do any good they would have told the Americans instead of pocketing it. It is a hoax.

  2. I would like to resolve an old student loan dept. With the dept. of education. Not a collection agency. Thank you for your time.

  3. I can only say what a joke. Most education is paid. Where is are budget? And who issued it out. Really giving 50K to become a teacher. each year and not willing to teach. I dont feel our losses are justified.

  4. Hello, I would like to complain about Central Michigan University and it’s behavior. It’s Civil Rights office rather than conducting an honest investigation merely found in favor of a faculty member. It refused to question witnesses or look at various documents. Instead the Civil Rights Office merely took the instructor’s word as gospel.

  5. As a spiritual person, my prayers are with you as Congress and the President try to come to a deal. We must never close the door entirely and hopefully find some humility in this all. Looking forward to your reopening.

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