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With a fresh year just weeks away, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about my new year’s resolutions. We give a lot of thought to our digital communication strategy here at the U.S. Department of Education, and we’re committed to providing content that is informative, useful and interesting. On occasion we spend too much time discussing what content serves the public best, while forgetting we can use our tools to ask you directly.

Twitter Town Hall

Secretary Arne Duncan (@arneduncan) is a regular on Twitter, often jumping on between meetings to answer questions using #AskArne. Here he participates in a Twitter town hall with stakeholders and staff.

So before we kick off a new year, we want to hear from you. What information and resources do you want to see on our blog, email newsletters and social media? Is there something you’ve liked about our digital communications that you’re hoping we continue? What do you find annoying or invaluable that you think we should be communicating less?

Let us know in the comments below and feel free to tweet us (just make sure you use our Twitter handle @usedgov).

Thank you for supporting education and for reading our blog, subscribing to our emails and following us on social media. All of us here at the U.S. Department of Education wish you a Happy Holidays and a fantastic New Year.

Cameron Brenchley is director of digital strategy at the U.S. Department of Education


  1. I’d like to know how the implementation of Common Core is affecting the day to day experience of Gifted and Talented programs across the US. I know GT programs vary greatly from state to state and district to district, so I’d be interested in a survey of different programs in different areas. I’d be interested in how the PARENTS view the services being provide, NOT the districts.

  2. I’d like to know how to opt my children out of standardized testing. It is excessive, stressful, and unnecessary. It takes time away from learning and it takes money away from our district. I trust my children’s teachers to teach and evaluate my children, not a computerized program or assessment.

  3. I find it very interesting that you would even ask given the attitude Arne Duncan has towards the moms per his past statement. In Louisiana all 65 Parishes have formed Parental groups not associated with Tea Party’s to voice their disdain over this Federally controlled program to take control of education. Per the Constitution is unconstitutional for the Federal Government to control states education, but money talks. I have researched the Common Core Standards for over 2 years and the more I find the worse it gets. You have awaken a sleeping giant again and they have only begun to fight!!!

  4. Why did the U.S. Department of Education include Common Core adoption as part of the Race to the Top grant since this has never been tested or proven to be effective? Why not a tested and proven set of standards like MA? Would it be wise to ban political propaganda in public education curriculum as they have done in England, especially given the Common Core emphasis of content presented to students being analyzed 90% only on the content presented, without consideration of personal knowledge or opposing opinions, since content presented to children is accepted as gospel without more information?

  5. Actually, you don’t want to hear from the citizens… unless we are here to faux support for Common Core. Secretary Duncan insults anyone who steps up and challenges the agenda. It’s the Chicago way.

  6. I would like for you to post more EVIDENCE that Common Core Standards are the best possible standards for USA children. And more EVIDENCE showing there was even one Child Development expert on the committee who actually wrote these standards. These standards are not developmentally appropriate for the young child. The standards border on child abuse. Has the Fed Dept of Ed even thought of being potentially liable in the future to young minds?

  7. We need to see more political acknowledgement, social acceptance along with grant and scholarship information for teachers who instruct students with Autism. We need additional funding opportunities to meet the varied training needs of the students on the Autism Spectrum of Disabilities. All of these children would benefit from training that is appropriate based on the individual placement on the Autism Spectrum of Disabilities.

  8. I’m personally want see more information about scholarships and specially about scholarships loan. Beside that you can add tips by steps how we prepare ourselves for a scholarships. I also like, if you can give list scholarships (example: scholarinfo.net )

    • Thanks Ari for your feedback. We’ll keep this in mind as we look to highlight resources for higher education.

      Cameron Brenchley
      Office of Communications and Outreach

  9. I’d like DOE to post how and where we can get computers that are up to date and complete with software students need so we can actually teach them how to be part of the digital world.

  10. Hello, I am very interested in early education for preschoolers and the research that kids are not too young to learn from birth even. My kids are 3 and under, and I am wanting to know about low income programs for this, and more effort put forward into helping our children grow in areas of music, health, education, etc. I am from Arizona. Thank you.

  11. I have been making payments on my Student Loan “FAITHFULLY”, how do request to be removed from the default list?

    • Ida – You will want to contact the loan provider you are making payments to to determine how to enter a loan rehabilitation plan. More information can be found by going to the “Getting Out of Default” page on studentaid.gov.

      Cameron Brenchley
      Office of Communications and Outreach

  12. I would like to see more information about available scholarships and tips on how best to prepare the student to be eligible for a scholarship. I also would like to see more statistics on school ratings, and how to best to prepare students going to schools with poor ratings for the future.

  13. I would like you to post peer reviewed research and other real world evidence that show how CCSS help our low socioeconomic kids, the ones all this reform fuss is supposedly centered around.

    Here is a hint: you will find no peer reviewed data supporting your policies.

  14. I was wondering what happened to Carolyn Snowbarger, who was the director of the Teacher to Teacher Initiative. That was a wonderful program which provided two day workshops for teachers in cities throughout the country. The last workshop I attended with her was in either 2007 or 2008. I’m assuming that this program has ended. Is there a possibility that it can be brought back?

  15. When are you going to do the right thing and take student loan servicing and collection away from for-profit businesses? These no-value-added corporations and bounty hunter collection agencies do little that the government can’t already do for itself, and at a massively inflated cost, often breaking debt collection laws in the process. It is time for ED to start caring more about students and graduates than they do about their “business partners” at collection agencies. The $1.3 Trillion student loan mess will only get worse than it already is if ED doesn’t do something to rein in servicing and collection abuses.

    • ” It is time for ED to start caring more about students and graduates than they do about their “business partners” at collection agencies.”

      You’re forgetting Jason that the business partner they care most about is Wall Street.

      The partners you mention are hired guns the DOE uses to sweep the trillion dollar plus crisis under the rug by handing out years of forbearance, deferments, and numerous other programs like candy at Halloween thus keeping the horror of how bad the payback on the entitlement program called student loans really is. Their main purpose is helping the borrower NOT PAY thus keeping them and the crisis that’s been created off the radar which keeps the cash flowing.

      If any company used the same lending guidelines as the DOE they would be out of business in short order. America will fall with this failure of math basics by this countries leaders and their supporters

      The DOE isn’t about education, it about political and financial gain for their “friends” at the expense of taxpayers. They’re hard at work giving away the SECOND TRILLION to anybody that wants to go to any school for anything.

      Those that work on Wall Street and at the thousands of diploma mills and business partners across the country support the Department of Entitlement.

  16. I appreciate all the information given but feel there is not a lot of support for parents and community members who would like to be more involved in the educating of OUR kids. We are eyes and ears where you aren’t. I would love to hear about resources available for us to get more involved within as well as outside of the schools. If I knew how to get resources I could do a whole lot in my community with very little funds but a lot more success than my district! Children suffer because of beauracracy! If parents had more training on how to help their kids early learning could start at birth! Including character building. Thanks for all you do.

  17. I would like to see more info on STEM and possibly good online resources that provide teachers with PD in the area of Digital Literacy. Thank you US Dept. of Ed. for the valuable information that we receive from you. You are a valuable resource for rural schools, like our own, to have.

  18. I wish that you could provide immediate help for all loan borrowers. We are being sucked dry of any hope. I have one student, unemployed, facing long-term medical issues, and no help available anywhere. I have another student, working, not eligible for housing…due to their student loan debt. We are drowning in this debt. Of course, I’m on three year monitoring period for loan forgiveness for total and permanent disability–at $500 a month, I’m unable to help either of them. My heart breaks for the dream is broken and to repair it requires help of those who are floating money on the backs of the student borrowers. Please HELP! Thank you!

  19. Inform students what the DOE is doing to address the inflated costs of college or the claims that for profit colleges are turning into puppy mills.
    The DOE should also include information about the student loan debt crisis for past and future students. Legislation, laws and the FACTS!
    Post information on what the government is doing with the billions of dollars in profits in student loan interest. Transparency!
    Post information on how the rest of the world respects and values its younger generations so much that those governments actually subsidize education costs. How does the USA compare??
    Treat students with respect. Sallie Mae called my elderly mother after I have already mailed my student loan interest payment and harassed her. Tell me how to stop that behavior form Sallie Mae. I make my $1500 a month payments, every month. Post how to file student complaints about student loan creditors.
    Help students!

  20. Please keep us informed about what the D.O.E. is doing to address the student loan debt crisis. (especially for current debtors who have been financially struggling for many years to pay debt off; not just future students) Also, I understand that the federal government has been making billions of dollars in profit through the student loan program. Please keep us informed as to how that profit money is being allocated. Thank you.

  21. I was very impressed with the team at the Office of Ed Tech, particularly Cameron Brenchley and Director Richard Culatta. Both gentlemen have an excellent vision of educational technology. As a tech director active on social media, it’s comforting to know these guys are at the helm and ‘get it’.

    I was particularly impressed after reaching out to Secretary Duncan and having him moderate #edtechchat, of which I am a co-founder. My team worked very well with the team at the Office of Ed Tech, bringing together thousands of educators around the country for Connected Educator’s Month.

    Keep up the great work. You’re vision of Ed Tech is spot on. Keep us moving forward.

    Tom Murray

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