Duncan to Talk Family Engagement During #PTchat

It’s no secret that parents have the power to transform educational opportunity in our country. Which is why their voice is so vital.

On April 8, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will be taking to Twitter to gain additional feedback from parents and educators on community and parent engagement best practices during the weekly #PTchat. The chat will coincide with the National Family Engagement Conference in Cincinnati, which aims to bring together educators and community activists to raise awareness of community involvement in schools.

Duncan will moderate the Twitter chat and share information about recently released family and community engagement resources from the Department of Education.

  • What: #PTchat with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.
  • When: 9pm EDT, Tuesday, April 8.

Your voice is important, and even if you can’t make the Twitter chat, please don’t hesitate to leave feedback in the comments below and sign up for our Engaging Families email updates.


  1. In all over the world, Education is much important one. So, the Education is starts from the school life, this is the basement for children to learn basics. In my experience, i was studied a best school in India placed in Bangalore north named as Presidency IGCSE school. In that school, the teachers way of teaching is different , because they always use to make as to do practical whatever we have red . So, doing practical it should not forget. So, i am suggesting the school to the parents , make your children life as good.

  2. The Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition supports Latino parent and family engagement to prevent the achievement gap. We created the Providers Advancing School Outcomes (PASO). This program trains informal child care providers to prepare kids to enter ready for kindergarten. Closing the achievement gap starts early. 70% of 0-5 age children are cared for by family, friend and neighbor providers. They need the support like what the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition does on three Colorado Counties. For more information contact Richard Garcia (720) 890-0123.

  3. As we approach the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, there is a compelling need to revisit and understand the importance of cultural values that demand excellence in education and values that associate academic excellence with economic prosperity. The current state of education outcomes for African-American students is not reflective of 60 years towards academic excellence.
    Will the ramifications of desegregation reflect (1) African-Americans abandoning public schoolhouses as career choices, (2) dismantling the link between educational achievement and economic propensity, and (3) reliance on others to infuse and preserve African-American history, culture, and identify? On the other hand, if African-Americans fail to connect academic success for African-American students as a civil rights issue, one wonders if the value of education in the African-American community did not rise with the expectations of Brown v. Board of Education.
    Today, we cannot encourage just a segment of African-American middle-class students to become lawyers and physicians. In the global society, status will not survive. The new global society seeks individuals who provide solutions to global problems and individuals who will advance the elements of STEM education.
    Thus, if we, the African-American community, do not take responsibility for teaching our own, our students will be void of values and character, and our students will not live to see another constitutional ruling to safeguard their civil rights to an education.

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