A New, Single Home for ED Data

Starting today, the data sets and content you’re used to seeing on data.ed.gov can be found on education.data.gov.

(Developers: Please note that the 16 available education data APIs were already hosted by data.gov. These URLs did not change and existing applications using these APIs should not be affected.)

Digital Strategy LogoWhy the move?

In addition to saving the costs associated with hosting and maintaining a separate education data website, merging the information on data.ed.gov into the existing Data.gov Education Community will allow researchers, developers, and interested members of the public to meet all their education data needs in one central location.

Originally, we created the separate data.ed.gov portal because we wanted to provide the public with advanced features and visualization tools that were not yet available on Data.gov. Today, the Data.gov Education Community not only fully supports visualization and mapping technologies, but it benefits from the continual addition of new enhancements, tools, and features. A key new tool is an API “wizard” that will make it faster and easier to create APIs for existing and upcoming open datasets, increasing the ways developers can interact with this data.

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