Consider Volunteering to Help Our Kids

Secretary Arne Duncan visits Horton's Kids, visits the Department's on-site tutoring activity.

Secretary Arne Duncan visits Horton’s Kids, the Department’s on-site tutoring activity.

Last week I volunteered with two partners of the Department: Everybody Wins! DC and Horton’s Kids. These efforts are important to me personally. I grew up working in my mother’s tutoring program on the South side of Chicago. I saw what a difference we made in kids’ lives.

That’s why I am encouraging Department employees to become volunteers by…

  • participating in Everybody Wins! DC and Horton’s Kids
  • volunteering at their child’s school or an educational organization in their community
  • taking part in any service activity that furthers the mission of the Department.

I hope that your business, agency, or organization will do likewise. Let’s redouble our efforts to encourage employees and colleagues to participate in volunteer tutoring efforts. As President Obama said, these kids are “our kids.” There is so much more we as a group can do for our kids.

Secretary Arne Duncan