Secretary Duncan on Supporting Teachers, Improving Teacher Evaluation, and Providing a Well-Rounded Education

“We have to listen to teachers,” Secretary Duncan explains in this January 13, 2011, video response to questions asked through his Facebook page.  He emphasized the need to respect teachers and give them “the support and professional development they need.”

Duncan also discussed the need to improve teacher evaluation and to provide students with a well-rounded education.

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  1. Secretary Duncan, this is very interesting and falls in line with our own business vision for the attraction, retention, professional development and fixing the evaluation of teachers. We are a UK based technology business that has what we are being told is the Holy Grail of Teaching. A simple to use toolset that constantly assesses skills and knowledge gaps of teachers, introducing minimum standards that can be measured against role profiles and areas of competency. PROfiler introduces the idea of self-service learning by using all available learning resources, Formal & Informal, pushing just in time only to the areas where there are gaps. The resources can be web, library, LMS driven or physical face to face resources and give great control, locally, at County level, State level or Globally. we would welcome a discussion around this as we feel we can add real value to this debate that is on both sides of the Atlantic.

  2. Is this guy for real? I would start looking for a job very soon if I were you Sec. Duncan. Two more years. Two more. We can’t wait.

  3. Actions speak louder than words, Secretary Duncan. Show us you mean it, don’t tell us. What meaningful classroom teacher-generated idea have you supported, prioritized & promoted in the last two years?

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