Secretary Duncan on Evaluating Students with Special Needs and What We Learned from the International Summit on Teaching

On March 25, Secretary Duncan answered questions about evaluating students with special needs and what we learned from the International Summit on the Teaching Profession.

About the latter, he said that in other countries…

“Teachers are revered.  They are compensated very differently. There’s a huge premium on success.  [Other] countries do a great job of putting the most committed teachers, the hardest working, with the students and communities that need the most help.  And there’s a great spirit of collaboration, not around the status quo but on continuous improvement amongst education ministers and the union leadership.”

Click here for an accessible version of the video.


  1. I am not an expert, but wanted to try to help with your question. There are disability laws for schools to adhere to. Visit this site, and it has a report on programs. I did read that the teacher or staff should be trained in dealing with seizures. I’m in NE KY and will be happy to help you to find more information. In which city & state are you?

  2. What does teachers unions have to do with special needs children?
    My granson is 6 years old and has seizures. He has had them for 4 years.
    He started public school. He was labeled a trouble maker. He is a sweet child but is easily distracted and can not communicate well. He also has absent seizures. He was spanked in school for being disruptive.
    He is a sick child. My daughter took him out of school. We want to find a program for him but we are poor and private school is out of reach. He is on SSI. Please give me information on programs for children with learning disabilities and help me help this beautiful child.

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