Announcing the New

Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently unveiled the revitalized Stop Bullying website

The site encourages children, parents, educators, and communities to take action to stop and prevent bullying, and provides a map with detailed information on state laws and policies, interactive webisodes and videos for young people, practical strategies for schools and communities to ensure safe environments, and suggestions on how parents can talk about this sensitive subject with their children. The site also explores the dangers of cyberbullying and steps youngsters and parents can take to fight it.

Watch Secretary Duncan announce the new site, and follow StopBullying.Gov on Twitter and Facebook for more information on how to take action to stop bullying.

Click here for an alternate version of the video with an accessible player.


  1. i wish our school took bullying seriously.(hebron,Indiana)my daughter had two girls come to her class and call her out ,wanting to kick her a– two days later after two trips to counsler one of the girls tries to shoulder check her in the hall.she then messages her on facebook sayng how she was scared(,my daughter) and the girl was gonna kick her daughter ,not wanting to seem scared,text back “fine come to my house and bring it and see what happens.i make my daughter take these messages to principal.he gives girls 2 day in school. great right? nope two days later he says he needs to punish my daughter for her language and for messaging during school.his punishment!! she gets two day also because she told her fine come to my house.
    Explain to me how my daughter gets bullied and threaten for two days,almost shoulder checked,tries not to let them think she’s scared so comments back and she gets same discipline as bullies.
    Went to school, had meeting with prinipal and superintendant,thought he understood why i was upset.what punishing the victim?nope. final 1day in school. really!!!!!!!

  2. It’s too bad this initiative isn’t available in the work place too. I heard there was a fellow state employee who committed suicide a few weeks ago because he couldn’t take the bullying by his peers at work. The system failed to provide support or investigate the many reports made to management from his direct supervisor all the way up to the Warden.

  3. It is up to our law makers to put effective laws in place and make sure they are enforced. It is up to the school districts to take responsibility to stop bullying in their schools and enforce policies and applicable laws.
    Unfortunately in many district like ours the district refuses to address the issue and has put the blame on the victim and their family. THE VICTIM IS NOW CONCEDERED THE BULLY due to advocacy. In some cases, like ours the school district is actually supporting the bullies and enabling them even more. We have been told by the district superintendent to be quiet, go away, and just deal with the ongoing bullying. The school district refuses to acknowledge any more of our bullying complaints.
    School administration have district appointed attorneys working on their side (via tax dollars), teachers who bully have unions on their side. Most victims have NO legal support. In too many cases the victim’s options were to commit suicide or drop out of school. This epidemic needs to stop

  4. The Dearborn (Michigan) Public Schools are taking a very strong lead in implementing a comprehensive, community-wide anti-bullying initiative. Please refer to our website and our newly adopted policy. We kicked off our initiative with a city-wide event this fall attended by over 700 people at the Ford Performing Arts Center. Our event included participation by our mayor, our superintendent, and many state and local officials. All Dearborn employees who have contact with students are inserviced on bullying behavior annually. Each school holds 3 anti-bullying events including a fall kick-off each year. Each school has formed adult and student anti-bullying committees We have adopted and teach the district Response to Bullying Behavior K-12 curriculum Each school holds annual parent anti-bullying training–the district holds parent meetings too. Each school tracks and responds to incidents of bullying behavior We survey our parents, staff and students annually to inform our work. Our poster contest (over 1000 entries!) led to our adoption of Upstander Man as our mascot. Please use us as a resource to help in your efforts.

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