Join a Conversation with Education Secretary Duncan and Sal Khan

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Khan and Duncan

Sal Khan talks with Secretary Duncan during last year’s Back-to-School bus tour.

Today, President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan are hitting the road to discuss a new plan to combat rising college costs and make college affordable for American families. Tomorrow from the White House, Secretary Duncan will join a virtual conversation with Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, to talk about the future of education and steps we can ensure all Americans have access to a high quality education.

Khan Academy is an organization on a mission with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. The website provides a library of free education resources, including more than 100,000 Math practice problems and over 4,500 videos covering topics from K-12 math to finance and history.

We hope you’ll join the conversation with Sal and Secretary Duncan. Here’s how you get involved:

Learn more about the President’s plan to make college more affordable.

Kori Schulman is director of online engagement for the White House Office of Digital Strategy


  1. Is the Department of Education at all concerned about or interested in public education (existing schools)? Or is it just 100% commercialism, privatization, quick-fix gimmicks and fads now?
    There’s plenty of jobs available in the for-profit education sector, thanks to Arne Duncan’s promotion of “private sector solutions”. You could all go work in the private sector, and we could find people who are supportive of public schools!
    A win-win!

  2. The scapegoating of children, teens and young adults now includes the next Trillion-dollar bubble – here is the truth – it is the K-12 school to prison and/or debt pipeline – more than half of this Trillion is owed by those that never received a degree – Good luck finding the hard data because the federal Dept. of Ed. specifically does not keep nor gather it, nor does any state, and were it available all nice and tidy in one place, no one would dare publish it without the approval of those private and governmental and union entities that actively perpetuate and are invested in the wrongful blaming – the inability to repay and the alarmingly fast rate of growth of the college debt is not due to a sluggish economy, although this is, of course, a factor, nor is it the percentage rate, which is low, nor is it the colleges charging more, although this is a large factor most certainly, nor is it entirely that some colleges provide puppy-mill type high-cost meaningless diploma’s, although this is true, neither of these is a true “cause.” Another factor that is huge, but not a root cause, is that the government has granted itself and banks unprecedented capacity for collecting and ridiculous penalties exceeding the original loan amounts that any loan shark would be envious of (seldom discussed, but the only factor other than the real one that actually does deserve being mentioned). We send kids to college without an education and they cannot graduate from college, but are held responsible for the bills they rack up while trying. Except for a talented and dedicated few, this spells disaster – especially once the fines start coming in – meanwhile the pay scale for those without degree’s is the lowest it has ever been and college degree’s are called the “new high school diploma.” WAKE UP!

  3. Excellent – overdue conversation..I echo the poster about “finally…” Mr Khan’s approaches and perspectives really hit the mark. This and related discussion should be mandatory for every educator in America.

  4. This is great! I looking forward to being part of this historic event.I thank you for making me apart of this event.

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