Student Loan Forgiveness (and Other Ways the Government Can Help You Repay Your Loans)


Have you heard or read about student loan forgiveness? Are you wondering what it is or if it is really possible? Perhaps you already know a little about it and you want to find out if you qualify. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll provide answers these questions and tell you where you can go to learn more.

What is loan forgiveness?

Loan forgiveness is the cancellation of all or some portion of your federal student loan balance. Yes, that’s right—cancellation of your loan balance. If your loan is forgiven, you are no longer required to repay that loan.

Is it really possible to have your student loans forgiven?

Yes. However, there are very specific eligibility requirements for each situation in which you can apply for loan forgiveness. If you think you may qualify, it’s definitely worth investigating.

How do I get my loans forgiven?

There are a number of situations under which you can have your federal student loan balance forgiven, and we’ve provided a few in this post. You will, however, want to research your options at and contact your loan servicer for any questions you may have about student loan forgiveness.

A couple examples of situations in which your federal student loans may be forgiven include:

  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness: If you teach full-time for five complete and consecutive academic years in certain elementary and secondary schools and educational service agencies that serve low-income families, and meet other qualifications, you may be eligible for forgiveness of up to a combined total of $17,500 on certain federal student loans. For details about this program, see Teacher Loan Forgiveness.
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF): If you work full-time in certain public service jobs you may qualify for forgiveness of the remaining balance of your Direct Loans after you’ve made 120 qualifying payments on those loans—that’s usually about 10 years of payments. Serving in the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps is considered qualifying employment. To benefit from PSLF, you should enroll in a repayment plan that bases your monthly payment on your income. Learn more about income driven repayment plans. For loan repayment and borrower eligibility requirements, see Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

There are additional situations that allow you to apply for cancellation of your federal student loans. For example, if you are totally and permanently disabled, a member of the U.S. armed forces (serving in area of hostilities), a member of the Peace Corps, or a law enforcement or corrections officer, you may be eligible for cancellation of a portion of your federal student loan. Learn more about how you may qualify for loan forgiveness and contact your loan servicer with questions.

Are there other ways in which I can get help repaying my loans?

There are additional government programs that provide student loan repayment assistance for individuals who provide certain types of service. A couple examples include:

  • Military Service: In acknowledgement of your service to our country, there are special benefits and repayment options for your student loans available from the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Defense. Learn about federal student loan benefits for members of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • AmeriCorps: The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is a post-service benefit received by participants who complete a term of national service in an approved AmeriCorps program—AmeriCorps VISTA, AmeriCorps NCCC, or AmeriCorps State and National. An AmeriCorps member serving in a full-time term of national service is required to complete the service within 12 months. Upon successful completion of the service, members are eligible to receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award which can be used to pay educational costs at eligible postsecondary institutions, as well as to repay qualified student loans. 

Remember, there are resources available to help you repay your loans. In addition to loan forgiveness and other benefit programs, you also have other options (including repayment plans that are based on your income) if you find yourself in a situation where you’re having trouble making your loan payments. Be sure to discuss your options with your loan servicer.

Lisa Rhodes is a writer at the Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid.


  1. Who ever said the IRS counts it as income is very much mistaken. I had my student loans forgiven a few years ago and I’m so beyond grateful every day for it. Mine was medical. Some people here are very rude. You don’t know the situation of someone else and until you walk in their shoes you shouldn’t judge them.

    If you need the help get the help! None of the rude people here are in your shoes and their cruel words are an example of what’s wrong with this world.

    Some borrow with perfect intent to pay and end up in circumstances where paying is 100% impossible. It’s nice to know when push comes to shove programs like this are out there. I hope you never find yourself or someone you love in such a life altering circumstance.

  2. My son’s girlfriend has 25k in school loan debt. She had a child at 19 and went back and got a GED and an AD. She was working and struggling. She met my son when J was 2. They hit it off and a child was born to them….with medical issues. She cannot work because of that. In fact, it is a severe enough problem that they get some respite nursing. My son pays all the bills for housing,.food. and insures the baby. Pays her child’s daycare but as the 4 year old has another father, he cannot put her on his insurance and household income is “too high” for the 4 year old to get state/federal help so every vaccine, cold flu he’s paying. Erratic support from bio dad. My son works 3 jobs but they can’t get her school loans paid because mom cannot work. Not her fault their baby has medical problems. Is there ANYTHING FOR PEOPLE LIKE HER????

  3. I hesitate to comment as there are several people in here being horribly rude and yes, I agree some very abled lazy people trying to geta free ride.

    Two years ago, I started college, needing to take student loans for what my grants didn’t cover. I, being in my thirties when I initially entered college, understood the definition of loan as being money to be paid back. As a result, when the loan officers said I could borrow up to x amount, I only took the minimum needed because as I stated before, I got good grants but they didn’t cover everything.

    After two years of college, I contracted a bone infection leaving me in a nursing home to get IV antibiotics twice a day for 4 months. In this time, I lost everything and after leaving the hospital, moved back to Louisiana to live with my family. Instead of running from my loan payments, I kept in constant contact with her, always informing her of the situation and keeping all paperwork current to ensure one day I’ll be able to complete college. I’ve been in a deferment program because me and my two children are on food stamps but my plan is not to continue in this fashion, but to go back to school wren my youngest starts pre-k. I’ve known from day one the definition of a loan I’d money borrowed with the intention of paying back which is also why I only borrowed the minimum needed which was 950.00 a semester instead of the allowed 4500.00 a semester. It’s called responsible borrowing.

    Not only have I borrowed responsibly, I did a lot of research on jobs that have bright outlooks and pay a decent median pay for the area we live. Again because I knew the day of graduation would come and my obligation would be due. We are extremely fortunate we live in a time where data is readily available to anyone who wants it to have a detailed plan before ever filling out their first form or choosing their profession or school.

    To those of you who think I’m getting any kind of a free ride, guess again. I’m posting to let others know that bad times do arise but the answer isn’t complete loan forgiveness as there areplentyof programs that will allow you to pay 5 dollars a month without going into default.

    O-NET is an amazing site that will not only inform if the job has a bright outlook, but also wages for each state for the jobs, education needed to obtain a job, etc….

    The world isn’t black and white and people going through these situations and their issues aren’t so easily categorized for others to be so self righteous. Get off your high horses and help with knowledge.

  4. The Federal Pell Grant program needs to be discontinued. It’s a big rip for taxpayers and the only people getting these federal pell grants are low income people which actually makes it discriminatory; in that it means certain populations of people are not included and that is discrimination. Here is a better idea. Take the money allocated from this program for another two and three yrs. and payoff a percentage of outstanding student loans for people holding these loans. Let us say 25% as an example. more if possible. If you owe $20k then $5000 would be reduced. Make it such that people from 2005 thru 2015 would be the recipients of this money. Disband this program by the end of 2015. Use all that money for helping all these people. For instance, if a kid takes out a pell grant for the school yr. for 2015, say they are going to get $10,000 then they are on the last to get this free money. After that they will have to take out a student loan thereafter will be subject to being monitored by the bank, loan company and they will initally receive one loan, after that their grades will determine if they get further loans. They would not qualify for the % reduction of any loan because 1. they received 10,000. pell grant which does not have to be pd. back, and future loans of their own would not start until school yr. 2016 which would be after the cutoff date to be eligible. My idea includes: Anyone wanting a college education has to be given a student loan once and monitored yrly. to reapply. If you cannot carry a 3.0 gpa, no renewal on loans. Also the interest rates are way to high. Keep it on a graduated level. For instance, an incentive should be given to all people by giving them only a 3% interest rate and so the idea would be to work hard to get the loans paid back. For people who default or miss pymts regularly thru out the first two yrs. then the interest rate starts going up after a yr. or so by one percent and maxing out at 6% after six yrs. For people who keep their loans pd. as should be they remain at the 3% interest rate. It would be a great incentive. Why should some people be able to have their college educations pd. for with pell grants while others (you could be right at that cut off line and not qualify) have to take out student loans? So one person waltzes out of college with a ‘free education’ and the other one has 10 yrs. of loans to have to pay back…but not necessirly easy for them. Parents need to be left out of this totally, Put the responsibility on the student but loan makers would need to make it so that the people who cannot keep up their gpa don’t get their loans renewed. No exceptions! This would have to be closely regulated so all loan makers abide by the same standards. This would eventually weed out the less serious student……and it raises the bar for higher expectations for the student. Only serious people will be getting thru the programs and that will be a good thing. Taxpayers are funding billions of $$yrly. for this pell grant program and yet thousands of taxpayers (parents) have to take out the plus loans to help their kids. They are in effect paying for not only their own child to go to school but Tom Dick and Harry too and Anna and Betty and others. It’s a total scam. Many people thru no fault of their own have ended up defaulting on their student loans because of the recession yrs…….no job in sight, or a minimum wage job only part time, and therefore cannot pay their loans. Yet, the interest keeps accruing to the point where it becomes overwhelmingly impossible to ever dig ones self out from under this debt. For these people, their loans need to be reworked. Take these loans back to the original amts. and start over under a new program. Yrs. of stress and ruination of lives are going to be the result because of this debt. Tax returns confiscated by the IRS, poor credit ratings never to recover because they defaulted on their federal loans, etc. The IRS needs to stay out of this. I believe the majority of people who took out student loans knew they had to pay them off and never thought they would ever be in a situation where the US economy was going to remain stagnant for such a long time. They did plan to develop a career and have a future and did expect to pay back the money. Sometimes shitt happens beyond our control and all people need a helping hand. The way it is now tho is that some folks are getting the breaks and others don’t get any and once Amnesty goes thru what i expect is that there will be more money allocated for ‘the new minority population’ to help them with education. Sorry, it is becoming too much for the taxpayer to pay for everyone’s life. Who is to say that because someone has a dad at home working can easily pay for his childs college education? People are struggling and trying to stay afloat these days. Some folks would actually appreciate their education more if they had to pay for it themselves…. Put the responsibilty of college on the student and then if a parent wants to help their college student they will do it willingly if they have the means to. Finally, If the federal govt. cannot pay for all people to attend college then they should not be paying for anybody’s post highschool education. What is fair for one is fair for all! Taking some of the burden off student loan holders would be a wonderful thing and would allow some people to maybe actually believe that they may just have a future again… which a lot of people have been denied because of the past seven yrs. of strife and uncertainty and downfall of poor and slow economic conditions in this country and not enough jobs to go around. Dreams have been put on hold and dismissed as not achieveable because of how things are here in this country and what a lot of young people are growing up with. This is all they remember. it is all they now know. It is sad. For non traditional students who tried to get something going, they too are faced with being older, fast, and having some dreams of their own shattered for their own career or a career change and now have student loans to be paying back probably clear into their 60’s. The Federal govt. is looking for revenue and the people holding these loans are supposedly big revenue payees for the future. But the whole thing is out of control. People’s individual lives are important and too many lives are being wrecked with these loans. I urge you to write your Congresspeople and put pressure on them to make some changes in this program and give some decent relief to people. Urge an overhaul of this federal student loan program and the federal govt. should not be in this business. If the president, with a stroke of his pen can give Amnesty to 4 or 5 million illegals, then for sure, with a stroke of his pen he can dissolve this program and give back some money for people already set aside ( for the next two or three yrs). with outstanding loans for a ten yr. period of time and rewite this program to rid people of their outstanding loans with never ending interest. Eventually this will even itself out. No more federal pell grants and using the money for helping student loan holders. Eventually, it will come to an end.

    Loaners took money and most had no intent to pay it back at the time they took the money.
    Then there are those who’re working two and three jobs to pay their way through school.
    There should be no forgiveness of student loans.

    • Some borrow with perfect intent to pay and end up in circumstances where paying is 100% impossible. It’s nice to know when push comes to shove programs like this are out there. I hope you never find yourself or someone you love in such a life altering circumstance.

  6. I went to a prestigious college. I have massive loans that provide great hardship for me and my family. My degree is worthless… Going to college was a huge mistake…

  7. What a sad state of affairs when you’re better off charging all your tuition on a credit card than participating in a federally backed loan program. That, at least, could be forgiven. Other countries actually either offer free education of PAY their citizens to go to school, knowing that an educated population makes for a better country. We have no will here to make such investments. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

  8. If you were planning to work in the public sector anyway, some of these might be nice (depending on the tax consequences, as comments noted) — but that’s not going to make up the difference.
    Would you be better of working for five years in the public sector so $17,500 of loans can be forgiven, or work in the private sector earning $10,000 more each year?

    We’re in an unfortunate race-to-poverty situation. Tuition has risen to meet the available financial aid, much faster than the rate of inflation, and college has become so widely available that employers figure anyone without a college degree must have something wrong, even though it’s work that someone with a vocational high school degree could have done a generation ago.

  9. Students should research what the degree will earn per year and then what it costs them to get that degree. Is a 40 thousand a year job worth paying 200, 000 plus interest for. Not being able to qualify for a home or afford a car to get you to your job?
    Someone who is disabled or can no longer work should be one of the first considered for loan forgiveness. Though many people who are disabled are great at their jobs and can work.

  10. …What they DON’T tell you upfront, is that when you have your loans forgiven, or cancelled, they report it to the IRS, & the outstanding balance is counted as taxable income for the year in which it’s forgiven. I was going to do this, UNTIL I found that out. For someone on a fixed income, turning my loan balance over to the IRS, kinda defeats the purpose of asking for loan forgiveness, in the first place, doesn’t it?? Call me crazy, but I’d MUCH RATHER owe the DOE than the IRS!!!

  11. The article forgot to mention another quite handy way to have your student loans forgiven: DIE! But hold on, even that has another “catch 22” to it. Dying only helps if the student was the only one who took out the loans (not parents) and as far as I know only if those loans were through the government – such as Direct Loans.

  12. I want to know about loan forgiveness program. The school bankrupt, and 30 yrs later i have to pay. 2,000 loan became 15,000. Paid half keep going up. Please help.

    • Yes, all student loans for a particular school are forgiven if that school goes bankrupt BEFORE you graduate. It’s in the govt list of exceptions. Google it.

  13. Last year I had to sign for a student loan, Nelnet, with the US Dept of Education, for my daughter’s first year of college at Mt. Mercy University in Cedar Rapids Iowa. This is approximately $ 15,000.00. She also signed for 2 loans totally approximately $ 5,000.00. I hear and see a lot of headlines referring to “Student Loan Forgiveness” . Do any of these ” Student Loan Forgiveness” programs apply to the Nelnet program that parents are pressured to sign for?

    • Only if the parent taking out the ParentPlus loan becomes disabled and can provide a doctor letter stating the disability is expected to last 5 years minimum; that’s the only scenario I’m aware of where the loan can be forgiven

      • My wife was diagnosed with cadisil in 2005, By 2009 she could no longer teach, cadisil is a terminal illness and has caused her to be disabled! But the state of Oklahoma and her loan lender will not forgive her student loans. Does anyone know who to contact on this situation?

    • Trina Riley – I, too, have student loans with NELNET. They are the BIGGEST problem behind student loan issues. You will come to find that many times the paper statements, the online statements, and what their phone operators tell you what you need to pay each month are almost always completely different amounts. I once asked for a 1-year deferment because my mother died and I was left cleaning up the financial mess of her death. Well, the operator agreed to the 1-year deferment, but I later found out that he only put me in their computer system for a 1-month deferment. I later found out that because of THE NELNET OPERATOR’S mistake, my loan was pushed over to a bill collector. It turns out that the bill collection agency they gave my bill too was a smaller entity of NELNET. The collection agency admitted that NELNET was in error, but they also stated that for the large part even though their office is located with in the NELNET company and they were a smaller entity of NELNET, the employees (I.e. their operators and most of their management) did not know that the collection agency was apart of their company and that the collection agency was even housed with-in their company. Needless to say, the collection agency told me that I had to get NELNET to take the loan back from the collection agency. When I tried NELNET management would tell me that I had to tell their collection agency to “just send the loan back to us.” YOU WILL COME TO LEARN THAT NELNET HAS PISS POOR HORRIBLE COMMUNICATION ISSUES THROUGHOUT THEIR CORPORATION. YOU WILL ALSO COME TO FIND OUT FROM THE OTHER GOVERNMENT EDUCATION RESOURCES THAT NELNET IS THE BIGGEST STUDENT LOAN PROVIDER FOR FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS. I WAS ALSO TOLD THAT IF YOU DECIDE TO PAY YOUR FEDERAL STUDENT LOANS THROUGH ANOTHER COMPANY, THEN THAT COMPANY IS THE ONE DEALING WITH NELNET. WHICH MEANS THAT IF NELNET STARTS SCREWING WITH THE LOAN COMPANY YOUR DEALING WITH, THEN THAT MEANS YOU THE ORDEAL OF SORTING THROUGH ANY MESS WITH NELNET AND ALSO THE OTHER LOAN COMPANY. NELNET IS A HUGE, HUGE, ENORMOUS MESS WITH NO ONE BEING HELD RESPONSIBLE WITH IN THEIR COMPANY FOR IT BEING A MESS!

  14. Too many loans going to these substandard ghetto schools. Extremely low graduation rates, and worthless degrees. Walk into my HR office with any of these Phoenix, Ashford, etc. diploma mill degrees, and you resume is going in the trash.

    • Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to work with or for you or your company with an attitude like that! A piece of paper isn’t the definition of a person or an employees worth, ability or potential. You really shouldn’t be in HR…

      • Hey Vanessa,
        You need a government job! No work required. A piece of paper DOES show that person’s ability to stick to a plan for 4 years. As an employer, it Does show a lot!
        Stick to the beauty salons or nail parlors.

        • David, not entirely true. I have a 4 year degree from Purdue University and was on the Deans list all of the years I attended. Employers still don’t look at my resume because I have 25 years in the restaurant industry (which accommodated me so I could get through school). So apparently I’m still dumb because I slung drinks for a living so I could put food on the table for my kids.

  15. These options are for those still working. How about the persons on social security and not in a service industry. People working have more money to repay a loan, those on SS have little to none to repay. Discriminations at its finest.

      • Yeah stupid disabled, they don’t deserve education. Only the healthy and wealthy (or those with hope of wealth) deserve any sort of opportunity! Is that what you mean Cheryl?

        Funny tho apparently you are perfectly healthy and able to get a job and payback your loans of your own accord…yet here you are looking at a way to have your loans forgiven. For what reason? You surely are able to work why then do you deserve a free ride? Most folks paying back their loans ask why a person without a reason is too lazy to payback what they borrowed. Just curious what makes you more entitled than disabled? I’ve yet to meet a person who prefers pain and agony over a happy fulfilling life, nice job and home whilst paying back silly student loans. Living in pain and agony 24/7…yeah much preferred.

        Shall we go back to institutionalizing them…how bout ‘putting them down’ as they are such a burdon to the folks like yourself, taking education money and wanting debt forgiveness…oh wait you are here as well….so what does that make you? Pffft really Cheryl R. Can one human be any more ignorant?

        Yes, I too would like to know how a person disabled and unable to work any longer can obtain debt forgiveness…anyone? Not that I care anymore….not like I have a choice anyway….just would be nice with such terrible health to have one less stressor off my back which contributes to more pain. Thx for any real (ie. non jerkoff) responses.

        • You should have a plan to pay when you take out a loan! “Fixed income” just seems to be an excuse for just about anything. I have a job, and my income is “fixed” also!

          You are the jerk-off.

  16. Too many substandard students going to college. A good majority of the people graduating with useless degrees… And substandard grades should have been going to trade schools to learn a trade and earn a job with good pay. Instead they graduate and can’t get work and expect federal and state handouts. Not everyone can be a rocket scientist.

    • This is the same thing I have been saying for years! The entire system ought to be changed. The idea that college is for EVERYONE is ludicrous… spend the money on trade schools instead, and do make sure that people getting grants and loans actually get good grades and are taking a f/t course load. I know many who get the grants, take one or two courses and then drop out in the middle of the semester or have failing grades. Next semester the same.. for some reason they get money again, use it for “living” expenses, don’t learn.. I get very frustrated when I hear that from friends who have children or grandchildren abusing the system like that!

    • There are not jobs anymore for technical degrees or blue collar unless you are illegal. This is the problem. I graduated cum laude and make a fourth of what I should! This is an immigration issue that caused an employment issue. And now we all get to work ourselves half to death in jobs that pay don’t pay near enough so that money can go to social services for non-citizens. Fix immigration and then there would be enough jobs and pay for citizens to make it and repay loans.

      • For one thing Rachel it sounds like you have a racist issue. Illegals can’t get a student loan or help simply because they don’t have a social. As for the jobs well they can’t get a decent job because of the same issue. I think your just a racist trying to blame your problems on someone other that the person in the mirror.

        • I’m personally upset because I worked hard to become an R.N.! The top of my business! I decided to go back to school and get another Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources! I finished this Degree even though I had severe health issues! I went back the work but after 2 months, I became paralyzed from the waist down! I didn’t have a way to pay any loans! At that time I was able to take it off my bankruptcy! However, if I want to go back to school, I can’t because if I get another loan I’ll have to pay the other loans! I’m totally disabled but this makes it impossible for me to try and go back to school for something I can do! God Bless! If anyone has suggestions, Please let me know! I would love to be able to work again! Amen!

  17. Remember, loan forgiveness is really a myth because it is considered income that has to reported for tax purposes. Let’s call it what it really is, a loan discount. After having my son’s loans discharged due to a permanent brain injury, we had to claim that amount as income and had a huge tax bill.

    • This was income, wasn’t it? Why shouldn’t it be taxed? Other tax payers did pay for the forgiveness of the loan with their taxes.

      • Discharge and forgiveness Re two entirely different things. What they’re discussing here isn’t even forgiveness in the true sense, it’s a trade out.

        My friend’s loans were TRULY forgiven, ie: he didn’t have to do anything in return to have them removed from his credit because the school closed, and he did not earn his degree. His contract was not fulfilled, and he was a victim. THAT is true forgiveness.

    • I imagine the tax bill was less than the loan…probably about 30% of the loan. If someone said I’ll give you $20, 000 but you have to give back $6000, most of us would say “you got a deal!” And student loans are the same as house loans, car loans, credit card debit etc. We want something, can’t afford it, borrow money, and should pay it back. We are not ENTITLED to debt forgiveness just because life deals us a bad hand… And trust me, the hand I’m playing is pretty craptacular right now, so no, I’m not sitting in some McMansion driving a paid off BMW and brushing my teeth with imported water.

  18. The sad fact is that these “loan forgiveness” programs are a scam. NEVER NEVER sign up for one of these things. No, seriously, please read this.

    My wife was awarded a loan forgiveness program on her Sallie Mae consolidated loan for working as a nurse at a US Army base, in exchange for a contract to work there for 3 years. She got about $6,000 total (the amount available is divided by the number of applicants) for ONE year.

    The problem was that it’s NOT a lump sum: it’s paid in monthly payments. Most of that amount was eaten up by the monthly interest charges. Plus, that monthly benefit is considered to be taxable income, just like the rest of your monthly paycheck. So what little benefit is left is eaten up by income tax. As a result, the net impact on her loan balance was….$ZERO. And there she was stuck with a 3-year employment contract.

    I really get red in the face when I read about these warm, fuzzy “loan forgiveness” programs. STAY AWAY from them! They are utterly, totally WORTHLESS! Of course, Sallie Mae lobbies for them; it’s a guaranteed payment (education loans have a 25% default rate).

    If the DOE REALLY wanted to help people with their education loans, they would make that payment in a lump sum and make it exempt from taxes. But don’t hold your breath: the loan servicing industry lobbyists will never allow it.

    • Just because your wife got scammed doesn’t mean Federal DOE loan forgiveness is a scam. Plenty of people qualify, but the requirements are strict.

    • You don’t consider forgiveness you PAY YOUR BILLS. I am sick of paying them for you. I too have a child in college and she has student loans and she has been raised to know that nothing is free. She is applying for them and she will pay them back. This is the important part of my rant. IF YOU NEED TO GO GET ANOTHER JOB WELL GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDE AND DO SO BUT DO NOT ASK FOR LOAN FORGIVNESS FROM TAXPAYERS. That’s all I have to say about that.

      • Preach on Jimmy.

        You all wanted to be big boys and girls and join up with adulthood. Well, welcome to your parents reality. You have to pay for what you want. These people picked their college, pick their loans, read the agreements, signed the doted lines. What part of ‘ you have to pay this back’ did you not fully understand???

        Trust me, I feel your pain. I have been out of school for 23 years and I am still paying on my student loans. BUT they were loans that I went out and applied for. Not paying them back is immoral. Taking advantage of programs that were put into place to help those who are truly in need is just wrong.

    • You would be insane to listen to Jimmy. The banks who ripped off the people and the corporations who hid all their money overseas and outsourced all the jobs to slaves in SE Asia for the sake of profit are cheating the system. The poor lugs like us who have to work our asses of to pay the bills and have paid all kinds of taxes over the course of our lifetime (sales tax, gas tax, carbon tax, income tax) WE the PEOPLE are entitled to take advantage of a program if we can. That’s why these programs EXIST. The money has been allocated to them for poor lugs like us to try and better ourselves with more education. Take every penny you can, the banks and corporations and politicians all do and this is far more ethical!!

      • … “Take every penny you can, the banks and corporations and politicians all do and this is far more ethical!!”

        What a joke. That mentality is so much to blame for so many of our country’s problems.

    • Don’t listen to that fool below! I would say he has never gone without a meal in his life! He definitely isn’t paying for your children’s College nor his own! Don’t allow him to knock you down! He definitely is a Demorat! God Bless You for getting all 3 into College! God Bless!

  19. Parents who meet the rwquirements of student loans on their Parent Plus loans should also qualify . I have worked in public education for 28 years and have worked with at risk students my whole career. As a parent I do not qualify for any loan forgiveness for my parent plus loans.

  20. I did not see the borrower benefits for Subsidized and Unsubsidized loans, although it is stated you may loose borrower benefits if you consolidate.

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