Where To Find Help With Your Federal Student Loans


You received a federal student loan and now it’s time to repay it. If you’re like most student loan borrowers, you may find the repayment process a little overwhelming. But you have an important resource—your student loan servicer—to help you navigate the repayment process.

What is a loan servicer?

loan servicer handles the billing and other services on your federal student loans. The U.S. Department of Education (ED) assigns your loan to a servicer, and the servicer assists you with repayment and any questions you may have about your federal student loan.

What’s so important about my loan servicer?

There are several reasons why your loan servicer is important, including the fact that you’ll make your loan payments to your servicer.

Your servicer will help you:

How do I get contact information for my loan servicer?

To view information about all of your federal student loans including contact information for your loan servicer, log in to “My Federal Student Aid.” You’ll need your Federal Student Aid PIN, so make sure you have that handy. Once you’re logged in, select “Your Federal Student Loan Summary” to view your loan information. Note: If you have multiple federal student loans you may have more than one loan servicer, be sure to select each loan to see information specific to that loan.

Remember that your loan servicer will help you throughout the loan repayment process, so keep in touch with them, especially if your financial circumstances change.

Lisa Rhodes is a writer at the Department of Education’s office of Federal Student Aid.


    • Hi, Tracy.

      What type of student loan do you have? Is it a federal student loan or a private student loan? Do you know who the servicer is for the loan? Please let me know so that I can further assist you with your student loan.

      Thank you.

    • Geraldine,

      I will need more information to assist you with your question. It sounds like your loan may have gone into default and your wages are being garnished, is this correct?


  1. My loan is being handled through myfedloan.org. I changed my bank account info through their website at the end of August. I called and spoke to one of their representatives on 9/4/2014 and verified that it had been changed and they stated it could take up to one billing cycle to be changed. However, on their website it states it takes three days. I did verify with the representative that my 10/1/2014 payment would come of the new account and he assured me that it would. However, the 10/1/2014 payment did not come out of the new account it came out of the old account causing overdraft fees. When I went online in September and October it showed the new account information as my direct debt info. I called myfedloan and spoke to a representative and was told that apparently the info for the new account did not take and he was not sure why. I told him that I needed a better answer than that and if he could not give me one then I needed to speak to a supervisor. While waiting on a supervisor I found another area of the website containing my old bank account info and went ahead and updated it. When the supervisor got on the phone he told me that I had just updated my account and that it was not changed in August like I was saying that there was discrepancies in my story and what he was showing. Basically he was calling me a liar. I did everything possible to make sure that my account had been changed and it is wrong for him to have treated me this way and for me to have to pay the overdraft fee from my bank since it was their mistake!

    • Myfedloan took the wrong amount out out my bank account 3 months in a row! They wouldn’t return the money and told me to dispute with my bank. Such a hassle. I’m frustrated as they were who was recommended on all the government websites.

  2. Colleges should not make it so difficult for students attempting further their education, to receive a Title IV Federal Student Aid/Pell Grants who are struggling financially which have caused many students to simply drop out of college and become depressed and begin abusing drugs and alcohol, especially honorable discharged veterans…

  3. Was it a requirement of the U.S.Department of Education for my school North Lake College To review my high school diploma and my military form dd-214 before I could qualify to receive Title IV Federal Student Aid/Pell Grant???…

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