What You Missed: Shakira and Secretary Arne Duncan Answer Your Questions on Early Education

This post originally appeared on The White House Blog.

Earlier today, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Grammy award-winning artist Shakira took to Twitter to answer your questions about the early childhood education.

Shakira, who is a member of the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, and a strong advocate for high-quality early education, joined Duncan in highlighting $1 billion in new public and private commitments that were announced as part of today’s White House Summit on Early Education.

At the Summit, President Obama reiterated his call to expand access to high-quality early childhood education to every kid in America, and announced the launch of the Invest In Usinitiatitive. The new initaitive challenges public and private partners, business leaders, philanthropists, advocates, elected officials, and individuals to build a better nation by expanding high-quality early childhood education.

Take a look at the full #ShakiraEdChat Q&A below, or over on Storify, and check out Shakira’s new PSA videos on InvestInUs.org.

Cameron Brenchley is Senior Digital Strategist for the Office of Digital Strategy at the White House.


  1. A cause very dear and close to my heart. I commend Secretary Duncan for his push on this very important issue of early childhood education. I am excited to learn about the commitment we are making to level the playing field to prepare our children to be ready to begin formal education. I hope that this is a venture that will actually reach those who really need learning opportunities; children and parents.
    The district in which I work in 54% Hispanic (and rising) and 54% of our students are living in poverty.

  2. Today I hosted a Watch Party with my ECE students. They were so proud to hear the President, Business Leaders and Researchers reaffirm the importance of brain development and investment in young children. The learned a lesson in advocacy that will help investments in the future.

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