President Obama’s Weekly Address: Giving Every Child, Everywhere, a Fair Shot

In this week’s address, the President laid out his plan to ensure more children graduate from school fully prepared for college and a career.

Our elementary and secondary schools are doing better, as demonstrated by the news this past week that our high school graduation rate has hit an all-time high, but there is still more that can be done to ensure every child receives a quality education. That’s why the President wants to replace No Child Left Behind with a new law that addresses the overuse of standardized tests, makes a real investment in preschool, and gives every kid a fair shot at success.

He reminded everyone that when educating our kids, the future of our nation, we shouldn’t accept anything less than the best.

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  1. To hear that President Obama has a focus on preschool is wonderful. I am pursing my doctoral degree in early childhood education and I am aware of the many needs of the community. So much is needed in this field, however, what is needed more than anything is additional funding for increased professional development hours for the practitioners that service young learners and higher wages for the practitioners. Practitioners deal with many different types of children, but what is the same is the child’s social-emotional development. The same as, all children regardless of culture, race, or nationality suffer when their social-emotional development is challenged. However, with increased professional development for practitioners with the focus on social- emotional development practitioners might be more equipped to assist young learners succeed.

  2. This is a positive move towards meeting the 21st century skills our students need to obtain to be successful adults in it unknown future. As an educator, I see standardized testing hindering our teachers abilities to focus on the real skills or students need to be successful. Standardized testing takes the students away from critical thinking, analyzing, and problem solving needed. I am pleased and excited to hear that Obama has the knowledge that these tests need to go if we want to create adults who are ready and prepared to complete with the world.

  3. I am totally in agreement with President Obama’s Weekly Address about Education. As a former elementary teacher and principal and now as a substitute teacher, I know exactly what is going on in the elementary classrooms. I am so dismayed about how much time and effort teachers today have to put into test preparation. They want to be able to spend more time teaching and working individually with children who need extra help. Good luck on getting a new, decent, and helpful bill passed through Congress

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