1. My name is Alicea Flynn and I am a Federal Elected Mandated Parent Leader in the Far Rockaway Queens New York area District 27. How about resources for those who have dedicated there lives to education volunteerism in the New York City Public Schools around NCLB Title 1 Parent Involvement (1118) . It should turn donated time into college credits depending on how long the person has done this work and how effective they are. If the work has created a true difference then the experience should turn into a degree. To many times the people who do this much needed work go with out reward and unapreciated. My concern is that those who are in the trenches everyday doing the work but not brought to the table to discuss any potential reauthorization to the parental involvement and the increase the 1 percent to support schools with higher and in turn the parent become the true equal partner in education.

    Alicea Flynn ,NCLB Title 1 DPAC 27 CHair

    • Sorry I am texting this information from a outdated phone that needs assistance. More support for the schools with higher needs via Title 1 Parent Involvement is what I am saying. This tells the parent that their needs and concerns matter and they become a partner to the school and community.

      Alicea Flynn, NCLB Title 1 DPAC 27 Chair

  2. For Every group and age, we have to start using the word DYSLEXIA. To much of the gap is due to not using the word and not providing the well researched solutions. If we keep generic labels we will not get targeted solutions. Congress as well as nonprofits are urging the use of the term Dyslexia and guidance and support for programing to meet this huge need.

  3. Dear Sir /Mad

    Parent Teacher Association like cooperation with you in education filld, and can help in fundraising for projects in Kosovo.
    Mustafe BEQIRI
    Director executive

  4. Having a different approach for educating diversified class is very important. To have maximum reach, potentially active methods of teaching should be incorporated. This has proven to be 57% more efficient than classical teaching methods .

  5. Regarding the comparison of students with disabilities. I want those students to progress and achieve, but if they weren’t two or more grade levels below their expected grade level they wouldn’t be in special education. They need the chance to show growth and personal improvement. It is not fair or logical to judge schools on the grade level expectations for most students with disabilities. Not that the horrid “Portfolio” assessment is a good idea either. There ought to be a way to measure their growth over time.

  6. High expectations and early intervention is critical. Implementation of a 90 min. daily reading program for sixth grade (minority) underachieving students yielded 87% learning gains on a standardized assessment. The program utilized nonfiction academic vocabulary.
    Students will rise when expectations are set.

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